Thursday, March 13, 2008

San Miguel Scandal

This ain't about the world famous San Miguel Beer (of which my favorite is the Super Dry variant...I only drink socially for two or three bottles)

Two San Miguels hugged the headlines recently:

Janina San Miguel fumbled with her Question and Answer portion of Bb. Pilipinas 2008 beauty pageant with her reply (or non-reply) showing how ladies vying for the coveted title has the beauty and body but lacking in brains in a contest where brains play a big part.

Earlier, at the Philippine Senate's investigation of the anomalous ZTE Broadband deal, Sen. Ping Lacson was surprised when his "surprise" witness, Leo San Miguel, avoided questions all day long that contradicted statements of the whistle blower Joey de Venecia III and star witness Jun Lozada. Senate investigations are really full of lies and deceptions!

It's also ironic that San Miguel district of Manila is also the seat of Malacanang, where the throne of the Iron Lady is located!

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