Friday, March 07, 2008

Nikon Philippines!?

I received this email from a forum I've been lurking in and immediately opened it. From the moment I read it, noticed it already as a hoax, know why?

The email has lots of wrong grammar for an executive
Harry Abad, doesn't seem like he's working in HK
News like that are announced officially in Nikon's site, other official channels and not via email only!

I guess though August 10 has got to be important for the hoax mailer, probably his birthday

on a sidenote, I'm now an official Nikon user with a Nikon D80 and Nikkor 18-200 VR lens :P

btw, if you're looking for Nikon camera and lens repair service, try to contact Columbia Digital (CDSC)



Your worries will soon end ! We will be launching the* NIKON Philippines*
this year, *August 10, 2008* to be exact. It means no more CDSC... (sorry Mr
Tan). The prices of all Nikon products ( body,lenses etc) will drastically
minimize as to compete the prices from the other retailers. Rest assured
that the prices is lower than in Hidalgo or other palces that selling GREY

Your continuous appreciation of Nikon products, as well as your many
feedbacks (1000 plus e-mail a day regarding AFTERSALES & LOCAL PRICES) make
us decide to finally put up NIKON Philippines sooner than we opt to.

So expect more announcements soon about NIKON Philippines.

Respectfully yours,
Harry Abad
VP for Sales and Marketing
Nikon HongKong

*** Mr. Harry Abad will soon be the GM of Nikon Philippines


  1. sure looks like a hoax.. di sya formal ano?


  2. hahaha the guy who made this is really dumb! he even managed to insult CDSC.