Friday, March 14, 2008

Metrobank Downtime, Offline ATM Problem

The country's largest bank in terms of assets, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, has been down since yesterday due to system problem. I can't exactly say what is the cause of the problem out of courtesy to my well-placed contacts inside the bank.

I was informed of this yesterday and up to now all their ATMs are off-line right smack on a coming payday. An update just came out that issuer transactions will be up today.

This problem involves Metrobank subsidiary, PSBank.

Just imagine the huge loss in transactions for on-us/proprietary, switched/interbank and credit card cash advances. But the biggest loss possibly in on their own customer confidence in them.

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Metrobank Bank Code = 010269996


  1. people who were lining up at various metrobank atms are going ballistic! it's payday and holy week is almost upon us yet withdrawing thru atm is such a hassle and over the counter transactions are hardly possible!

  2. i heard Metrobank got hit by a virus.

  3. anonymous 1, i know the'ssimilar to unionbank's problems a while back.

    anonymous 2, it'snot a virus. was surprised however that metrobank's disaster recovery didn't recover :(

  4. Metro Bank philippine Scam?
    October 11,2008, Tuguegarao Metro Bank main branch.

    My father went to Tuguegarao Metro bank to withdraw from my international cashcard.What happened was, the receipt came out but not the money, being specific- P10,000. THinking that it was not successful transaction, he withdraw again the same amount. The second time, the money came out...but as he check the balance, P20,000 was already deducted. He went to the counter to tell them what happened so they told him to file complain, so he did as he was told. My fahter called me right away to inform me of what just happened. So I ppersonally called the bank and ask them why does that happen. The woman (Cynthia is her name) in the bank told me that these things happen when someone withdraw and the bank happens to get offline at them same time. She told me that after two (2 weeks) the money will be back to my account. after one month, there is nothing yet in my account. So I called the main office of metro bank in Manila. The woman there told me that I have to file complain to my origine bank and they will be the one to file complain against metro bank- its a bank to bank transaction. This doesn't make sense to me but I did what she told me. I called my bank here in Korea and told them about the case.....Yet until now...there is no money being back to my account. even called the Pusan Metro bank branch but they told me they cannot entertain my problem. WHAT'S THE MATTER METRO BANK? HOW COULD YOU LET THESE THINGS HAPPENED? IS THIS SOME KIND OF METRO BANK SCAM? 10,000 PESOS IS NOT A SMALL MONEY FROM SOMEONE WHO IS TRYING TO FIND LIVING ABROAD.

  5. anonymous, the money can be easily traced by Metrobank if they handled it well. All ATMS have a journal of all transactions. If the transaction records and the cash in the ATM didn't match, they can trace it to your debit-without-dispense transaction. Try to file your complaint at your bank in Korea too. HTH