Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to Win the Lotto in the Philippines (PCSO)

No, it's not one of those spam messages telling you won a certain lottery somewhere without you even buying a ticket. They'll "request" you to make advance payments to claim your prize and disappear without a advance fee fraud :(

The Philippine Lotto's grand prize is now a whopping P162,200,000.00 and counting. Many Filipinos maintain a set of magic numbers that they hope to be the next winning numbers to the grand prize of PCSO Lotto.

How many tickets do you need to buy in order to win the lottery? I depends on the system, for example Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) Superlotto 6/49 requires you 6 numbers out of a pool of 49. In mathematical terms (probability and statistics), it translates to a combination of 6 out of 49.

Combination Formula:
C(n,r) = n!/(n-r)!r!

for Superlotto 6/49: n=49, r=6

for example Lotto 6/42 and SuperLotto 6/49:

6/42 : 5245786 combinations at P10/ticket requires P52,457,860.00 to buy all tickets

6/45 : 8145060 combinations at P10/ticket requires P81,450,600.00 to buy all tickets

6/49 : 13983816 combinations at P20/ticket requires P279,676,320.00

How to win the Lotto Grand Prize? Simple yet requires a lot of capital and lotto outlets unless you can automate ticket printing.

Wait for the time when the jackpot reaches P280M (plus estimated overhead expenses) then buy all possible combinations. The pot will increase once you you buy the additional tickets possibly reach almost double the initial prize since part of your bet is placed as part of the total pot. (this is out of this world for the average pinoys)

Risks: There might be more than one winning ticket so you have to share the grand prize with the other winner/s.

Other variants of the game:
EZ2 requires only two numbers while Swertres, three numbers.

Prizes for 6/49
for 5 numbers: PhP 56,000.00
4 numbers: PhP 1,000.00
3 numbers: PhP 100.00

Historical Trivia: Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero, played and won the lottery in 1892 while in exile in Dapitan.

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  1. hello, just wanna ask if ever one wins the jackpot prize, will he be able to claim the money as a whole or is that installment?

  2. gem, you'll get it complete less taxes of course. not in cash, for it's dangerous. there will be bank representatives there for you to open an account and deposit your winnings :P

  3. how to compute the formula combinations..pls more example thanks!

  4. if we buy all the combinations is it posible that the amount we paid will be addedto the amount of jackpot published.

  5. lucio, yes, part of your bet will futher bloat the javkpot
    prize :)

  6. Why is it that there are some outlet that they will not give the money to the lucky winners is just only 4,500 for swertres because the ticket is not purchase in their outlet is that correct..I bought the ticket in batangas then then i won the swestres it's only 4,500 I claimed it here in Paranaque why they will not give the money..Only in Cebu a small outlet they will give if the ticket is came from their outlet..please give me clarification..