Sunday, March 02, 2008

Google Hates Paid Posts in Blogs: PageRank Removed

While bloghopping I noticed several blogs with PR3 or PR4 now with PR0 (no pagerank) according to my SearchStatus add-on of Firefox. One of them even blogged about her experience (in Filipino) when she received an email supposedly from Google warning her about paid posts (like Payutoblog and others) for $5/post or use the "nofollow" tag.

She deleted the alleged post complained of but found out the next day her PR was removed

several blogs linking to my main blog also got PR0 rating and I know my PR will alsobe affected since high-ranking blogs suddenly lost their PR. My backpacking philippines blog still has no PR due to it's being new. Hoping to get at least a PR3 or PR4 then aim for PR5 in conjunction with more quality posts

Note: I once applied for paid reviews at PayPerPost, got approved, but didn't continue with it nor write a single paid article.


  1. Hehe, oo nga. Bad, bad, Google. Seems like it just wants to have all the advertising to itself hehe. My blog dropped from PR 3 to 0 because of the paid posts I've been doing. I decided to continue doing paid posts because I can at least make some money. You should continue doing your PPP :-)

  2. I used to have a PR rating of 5. I wonder what's my rating now. Baka zero din. Oh well, I don't really care much about PR ratings as long as my few readers come regularly.

  3. bill, this pathetic blog just got an upgrade to PR4...not much posts here. only about 100 after two years :(

    abaniko, isa ka rin kasing "fun blogger" :P