Monday, February 18, 2008

LTO Drivers License Restriction Codes

As I've mentioned earlier in my drivers license renewal post, I have a license for ten years now but I don't know yet how to drive, now I'm slowly learning to drive the dangerous streets of the Philippines particularly Metro Manila.

Since this is about Drivers License Restrictions, someone asked me how to add additional restriction codes to their drivers license. I replied it's just the normal drivers license renewal process, same drug test, same fees except the additional restriction request for a minimal cost (P30 or less, AFAIK).

In Metro Manila, you can only have the additional restrictions at LTO offices and not the regular centers i.e. LTO main office on East Avenue and the center in Pasay City.
Requests like that can't be accommodated in other renewal centers.

for those new drivers, the restrictions:
1. Motorcycles/motorized tricycles
2. vehicle up to 4500 kgs GVW
3. vehicle above 4500 kgs GVW
4. automatic clutch up to 4500 kgs GVW
5. automatic clutch above 4500 kgs GVW
6. articulated vehicle 1600 kgs GVW and below
7. articulated vehicle 1601 up to 4500 kgs GVW
8. articulated vehicle 4501 kgs and above GVW

Note that those owning bikes with restriction of 2 only are the targets of mulcting policemen so better be sure you have the required restriction when driving one. (note also the restriction on using motorcycles at the NLEX and SLEX)

It's a good thing i got a license with restrictions 1 and 2 already so that means
I can drive a motorcycle and any vehicle (manual or automatic) up to 4500 kgs.

For now, practice my driving skills, particularly defensive driving that I need lots of :P

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  1. this reminds me of getting my own drivers license.

  2. how to add my code and change to professional my drivers license?

  3. anonymous, go to the LTO offices to have it replaced

  4. how much additional ristriction 3 and 4?

  5. i have restriction 4, can i drive a manual car too?

    1. No, 4 is for AT vehicle up to 4500 kgs. only

  6. anonymous, restriction 4 for automatic only, request LTO to add. other enforcers know this, most of them do not

  7. Mali yung NUMBERING nang RESTRICTION CODE!!! YUNG 8 nagging 6.. NAkakalito

  8. 1 and 2 ang restriction ko then nahuli ako ng traffic enforcer dpat daw 4 kc automatic sasakyan ko thanks

  9. 1&2 ung restriction ko then nahuli ako ng enforcer dpat daw 4 kc matic sasakyan ko

  10. Are you sure that We can drive an automatic clutch up to 4500 kgs GVW even if our restriction code is only 2?

  11. I have 4 code. Hw mch is it to add restriction 1

  12. Pag professional ba license mo dika pwedeng mag drive ng light vehicle na may code 2 and 4