Saturday, August 02, 2008

How-to: View, Edit EXIF Data EXIF Editor

I've been asked many times how to view EXIF data in Windows XP as well edit the data for no obvious reason except when you're just going to brag if you have the latest camera or possibly to hide camera you're using and delete incriminating details of the date the photo was taken.

How-To view EXIF data, right click a file on Windows Explorer, select Properties on the menu, click the Summary tab, then Advanced to display EXIF data with photographic details.

I use IrfanView with the plugin to view EXIF data.

Editing EXIF data is tricky, it requires third party software like Opanda PowerExif to edit data but it doesn't come free (price: $49.99).

There's also ExifPilot and ExifEditor ExifEditor

For occasional use, the cheap trick is to use a hex editor, many free hex editors available, where you can edit the fields you want before saving to another file (don't overwrite the original file to be sure).

For my demo, i used HexEdit for its simplicity requiring no installation, just a small executable file.

To completely remove EXIF data in a picture, you may use EXIF Stripper (available here to hide settings and save on file storage space though minimal as claimed.

Tip: For anonymous bloggers, I recommend stripping pictures of EXIF data before posting in your blog. You can be traced by the camera model you have and date/time stamp on it if you're living in a small town.

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