Monday, January 14, 2008

Philippine Driver's License Renewal in Makati (MRT Ayala Station): Fees

I had my n-months expired LTO drivers license renewed at the LTO License Renewal Center at the 2nd level concourse MRT Ayala Station. The whole process took about two hours that include a drug test and medical check-up, with about half of it waiting for the card.

Regarding the required drug test and medical certificate, there's J n W Drug Testing Center beside the LTO center. All they asked from me was provide urine sample for drug test then a pseudo-medical check up where they took my weight and asked me to read a standard eye chart (they don't know I already memorized the chart's last two lines). My medical certificate was signed by the assistant in the name of Dr. Princy Goco with license # 0107810 and PTR 0120969 issued Mar 16, 2007. (Didn't get it back but I was able to log it in my cellphone.)

Cost of renewing Drivers License (non-professional):

LTO Drivers License Renewal cost updated October 26, 2010 (this time, JNW Drug Testing Center has a real doctor doing the medical exmination and not just a plain rubber stamp that costs PhP100.00)

PhP300.00 drug testing
PhP100.00 medical

PhP400.00 for license renewal
PhP75.00 penalty for late renewal (renewal on expiry date is already considered late)
PhP75.00 for revision of records (change of address)
PhP67.63 comp fee (computerization fee?)

Total amount paid was roughly P800.00 for about 2 hours, almost the same as the last time I applied for a drivers license 3 years ago at Land Transportation Office Makati near the old Makati City Hall on Pililla St. near J.P. Rizal St.

The center doesn't have the authority to add additional restrictions to my license since I need to drive an automatic clutch car (restriction 4). My current license is allowed only for motorcyles (restriction 1) and manual transmission up to 4500 kgs GVW (restriction 2)

The sad part about it is that they printed a wrong address that I noticed only later but it's a minor matter that I thought I should've never applied for a change of address.

This however is more convenient when i first applied for a drivers license in Las Pinas, then twice renewed at LTO Makati.

Other LTO Drivers Licence Renewal Centers:
SM City North EDSA, Guadalupe Commercial Center (near MRT Guadalupe station), Araneta Cubao, SM City Manila et al

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UPDATED: April 2013


  1. What a PAIN!!! I won't complain the next time I have to renew my drivers license!

  2. rxn re: the " pseudo-medical exam"
    the snellen chart is a screening test for vision (distance).a lot of people dnt knw how impt it is in driving! they tend to cheat and memorize it bec all they know is ,it is just a part of their medical examination. it is used to screen drivers who needs to wear corrective lenses when driving to prevent accident. if you cheated or memorized it , i think u put ur self in danger.what if ur one of those who needs glasses????

  3. anonymous, don't worry, I don't drive w/o my glasses. I'm also not your typical filipino driver always honking and cursing and swerving. I follow rules, stopping at red lights even if noones passing on the green side. in short, di ako pasaway! :P

  4. 10-6-08

    i renewed my pro-license this morning. i paid for the following:

    medical - 100
    drug test - 300
    insurance card - 25
    ---------- P 425.00 at JnW Drug Testing (JnW looked like a company logo of party hats and balloons)

    --- poor ventilation.
    --- chairs can't accommodate all. we stood for almost 30-45 minutes
    --- medical for 100? the name of the examiner is Dr.Gian Carlo (forgot the last name) i don't know if she's really a doctor or what.

    for the renewal
    P240 for license renewal
    P40 penalty for late renewal (renewal on expiry date is already considered late)
    P30 for revision of records (change of address)
    P67.63 comp fee (computerization fee?)the system was online for almost 40minutes.

    total cash out. p 802.63.. and additional 20 for a plastic jacket

    Thank God - Renewal happens only every 3 years.

  5. whats the last two lines of snellen chart lol