Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Manila City Hall Security and the Assasination of Ex-Mayor Rey Yap

News flash reported on TV about the assasination of Rey Yap, former mayor of Sapang Dalaga in Misamis Occidental by a gunman who was able to evade security at Manila City Hall where the courts hold session.

Mayor Alfredo Lim admitted a security lapse in the city hall but all I can say is that like almost all trial courts in the country, the Manila City Hall is an open ground for there really is no security in it. I'm familiar with the labyrinthine walkways of the old building and there really is no security to speak of.

Cases of "smuggled" guns inside courtrooms are everywhere, Manila Regional Trial Court is no exception!


  1. JUSTICE FOR REY YAP! sna the authorities will do something.

  2. ryt, sna mbigyan ng katarungan yun gnawa kay Ex-Mayor Rey Yap.