Friday, December 07, 2007

Pinay Sex Scandal Video Downloads

Looking for the latest pinoy sex scandal videos and pictures for downloads? I don't think so. I wrote this entry for people to avoid being the latest craze of surging hormone denizens of the Internet much like the calumpit scandal, dumaguete scandal, cebu scandal, la salle scandal and the likes featuring Filipinas or exotic Asians in risque pictures and erotic videos that's choking the Internet.

The only thing common with me is that, like scandals, I also travel to many places. You won't find links to them either.

How to avoid being the latest pinay sex scandal celebrity:

1. Don't allow yourself to be the star of the scandal video by actually not doing it.
2. Taking pictures or videos while doing the act puts in the dangerous situation. Remember, if you're the woman, you're always at the bad side of things in this double standard world of Filipinos.
3. Doing it inside hotels and motels and other untrusted places is also risky. Arrange the draperies and curtains and turn off the lights if you can't control the urge.
4. Copulation with your boyfriends just "to prove that you love him" is non-sense.
5. If you're stupid enough to take videos of yourself, delete it ASAP. If you're the weird type who wants to risk it, try at least to encrypt the video on your PC to protect it from possible change of hands.
6. Remember, if you just deleted the video on your PC, it can still be undeleted so it's better to use a secure deletion software.
7. If you're the man thinking of doing this for blackmail or other things, shame on you. Remember that you have a mother too.
8. lastly, the best way, again, not to be the next star of scandal videos is not to do it.

Hope you learned something from this short Friday post. This is just a simple contribution to the SEO exercise about the subject (as if pagerank of this blog is high)

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