Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mekeni Food Corporation Modus Operandi/Scam

A group of people with a vehicle approached my mom in her sari-sari store and introduced themselves as sales agents of Mekeni Food Corporation and offered mom some products from Mekeni plus a cooler in exchange for cash.

My mom, being not that easy to fool, didn't bite the offer and instead asked for a number to be called but the number given was never answered.

The guys just left sensing they couldn't get anything.

A few days later, another group introduced themselves as the "real" representatives of Mekeni Food Corporation but mommy retorted how did they know another group dropped by before them. Again, the people left without selling anything to my always on-guard mom.

Last week, I read in a paper a few people arrested for doing just the modus operandi pouncing on poor sari-sari store owners for payment of promised coolers and products of Mekeni but didn't come back after receiving the money.

This is a true story that happened at home where unscrupulous people try to scam honest working ones at sari-sari stores with their meager earnings.

Remember: ask for the goods to be delivered first and check for authenticity before parting with your hard-earned money.

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