Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Free" Wi-fi and Open Wireless Hotspots in Makati

I made a quick check of our new office somewhere in Makati and found several open wi-fi from nearby buildings. Some hotspots offer encryption but maybe unaware of the dangers of minimal security offered by their "secured" wireless Internet.

I got connected to an open connection in one conference room without doing anything but didn't proceed since that'd be unethical on my part not even fired up Netstumbler and other wireless security tools.

Open wireless hotspots is a common occurrence in Manila (and the Philippines) where people think convenience without an ear for privacy and security. Wardriving will net far too many places for freeloaders.

No law is present to deter freeloaders. The E-Commerce law doesn't contain a provision against it while the still pending cybercrime bill is in the doldrums if not plunged into the abyss of oblivion by good-for-nothing "lawmakers."

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