Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Text2Sawa Unlimited Texting Scam

I have always been receiving offers about this unlimited texting to all networks in my email address subscribed to various yahoogroups. I contacted the sender once about his offer but offered no explanation on how the system works so i just surmised he's just a guy looking for a quick buck

With Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular offering unlimited texting (SMS) within their networks, it's just highly probable that a technically inclined pinoys with entrepreneural spirit will come up with a bridge or SMS bypass to connect all three unlimited texting services using at least 1 SIM card of the telco.

One of them is Text2Sawa, and true to my hunch, the law, however slow, finally caught up with them. The news was even shown on national tv of the entrapment operation. Sadly, only a dealer or distributor was apprehended and not the actual operator and source of the text cards.

Globe, Smart and Sun warned the public that the unlimited texting feature is for personal use only and not for purposes like SMS bypass.

The police informed the public that they'll charge the suspect with violation of RA8484: Access Device Law, the same law used by banks and credit card companies againts credit card and ATM card fraud.

Let's see if other scammers will take the place of Text2Sawa after a few days

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