Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pardon for Erap is a Mockery of Justice

I was thinking for few days now of posting my disapproval of the granting of executive clemency for Erap floated around. Today, such pardon was granted to Erap by PGMA and as always I see it as a mockery of justice. We've gone through many years of trial and now he's again a free man? So now I know that any powerful person can commit plunder, not admit guilt even if proven to be guilty and still roam free. Only in the Philippines!

News reports tell PGMA did it for national unity. National unity what? Just because of political pressure and the never-ending sword of damocles in the form of an impeachment did PGMA in? Or maybe PGMA is seeing her own future when the law finally catches up with her. This country will never be united since everybody wants to be the one seated in Malacanang. Politicians will always quarrel among themselves and the cycle of impunity will never end.

Regarding the Department of Justice, I have a still pending motion for approval and a clarification on a case I've been pursuing against an uragon fraudster for almost a year now trapped in a tarpit. This Erap pardon recommendation by the DOJ was submitted in no time at all. Injustice by the sitting president, and by the Department of Justice Delayed, if not Injustice!

This nation is really heading to the dogs.


  1. I couldn't agree more. This GMA-lead Government is playing us around.

  2. hi tutubi.
    i am going to link to this as well.
    i like your clear and concise style of ranting.

  3. lawstude, it's probably due to political survival :(

    chesca, this should've been a technical blog but i've been ranting too much here. not fit for my main blog on travel