Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From Windows to Mac OS X Desktop

I read a meme of carlotta asking her readers to show their cluttered desktops. Here's the desktop of my notebook at home and you'd be surprised I have such a clean one.

notice also that it my look like a cool Mac but it's actually a Windows XP one running Fly a Kite that transformed Windows to the look and feel of Mac OS X

I love the interface of Macs and I can't wait for the time when my office notebook will turn three years old; a time when I can request for a replacement and this time, I'm targetting a Mac :)

My desktop is not cluttered since I'm practicing something called "clean desktop policy" even at home which is a best practice of information security


  1. Never owned a Mac - yet! Been around the PowerMac centers and tested the MacBook and all. It's just freakin' awesome! It both runs Windows and Tiger! Wow! How cool can you get! And the magne-something (the power supply connection) is just wow! It's like magnetic!

    My next notebook acquisition will be a MacBook! I hope! :)

  2. I'm planning on getting a macbook soon. :) love the looks of ur desktop, thanks for sharing!

  3. wow cool! super techie ka nga =) just wondering, what is with a mac that almost everybody wants one? salamat pala sa paggawa ng meme =)

  4. the anitokid, we'll have the same system soon. planning to have a triple-boot windows/macos/linux system soon! :)

    parisukat, i change wallpaper quite frequently, btw...too many pictures :P

    carlotta, it's the coolness factor of the mac, the sleek interface, being different from the rest and certain applications only run with it particularly Apple's Aperture, some sort of digital darkroom for photographers

    also love it's being virtually immune from viruses since majority of viruses target windows :)

  5. Interesting blog. I will link you in a few days.
    Will send you an email.

  6. Thanks for sharing your desktop. It's really neat...not much clutter.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.

  7. Hi, tutubi. I-tag pa naman sana kita, pero thinking the meme is way out of your blog's theme.
    Wallpaper looks good. Opposite tayo. I haven't had changed my wallpaper yet. That was the first wallpaper I ever had after I bought my laptop last July 2006...
    Sige, good luck and happy Sunday...