Friday, October 19, 2007

Escalator Ipit Gang in Glorietta

I received this email about an incident in Glorietta, what those cretins do in buses they now do inside malls with all the security guards present

be warned, unedited email below


Dear All:

I would like to share with you my horrible and scary experience last Friday night at Glorietta. Maybe, by being aware of this incident, you will be more vigilant as you do your leisure shopping.

It was one rare moment on a weekday that we, my daughters and I would have the chance to have a leisure evening together. And a rare occasion that I would go around Glorietta as I am used to the South shopping malls.

Anyway, we took the escalator leading to the Rustans store (the Bon Apetit entrance). The same escalator to the bus stop at Ayala Avenue . I was about 5 steps away from my daughters and in front of me were 2 people (a gay and a girl) in white.

They were about 5 to 6 steps ahead of me. I noticed that these 2 people were walking backwards and to my mind, how could adults play in the escalator. I only see children doing this. They continued stepping backwards until they were about 2 steps away from me. I noticed that the gay removed his pony tail band from his hair.

Then as I reached the top, the gay bent forward trying to pick up something from the floor. I was standing there trying to hold my grip for fear of falling down. All I could say was "Ano ba, Ano ba!" and I felt I was being squashed. I did not know that my daughters were overtaken by another 2 people and they thought that it was rude of them to do this. The next thing they saw was that I was being squashed in front and at the back.

They thought that the one in front of them got their shoe stuck. I finally got out and was cursing the two people in front of me for being so ignorant in the use of the escalators. My daughter noticed that my bag was opened and she asked me to check it out. My celfons were there, but my wallet was gone.

She immediately ran outside to chase the 2 but they were gone.. The other 2 according to my daughter went the side way. I told the security guard by the door leading to Ayala. All he asked was that "Inipit ba kayo"? I said yes. And then he said that it is the modus operandi and if I were to interpret what he said, this is not the first time this happen ed. I was shocked for a while. I did not feel like looking around anymore and just confined myself inside Rustans.

The next day, a construction worker called my house to say that he saw my wallet in a planter box near the bus stop. He saw a receipt with my name and phone number and called hoping he can find the owner of the wallet.

Am passing this email to you so that you will be more alert when you go out. This can happen anywhere where they have these escalators. For those who have connection with the Security of Ayala, please tell them to pose some guards at the escalator areas.
Pass this on to as many people as you can.

RGMA Network, Inc.


  1. man, thanks for sharing this. my mum experienced a similar incident in galleria a few years ago and since then, she used a bag with deep pockets. in my case, i don't use a wallet so those thieves won't get anything from me anyway.

  2. carlotta, why not try to have a dummy wallet. baka pag nakita ng holdaper na wala ka wallet magalit sa yo :P

  3. baka lalo silang magalit dahil P100 lang ang meron ako at barya-barya pa yun nyahahaha =)