Monday, September 03, 2007

Wowowee's Wilyonaryo "Technical Glitch"

Not a fan of both Eat Bulaga nor Wowowee but I didn't like what i saw a few days ago on TV:

ABS-CBN described this fiasco as a "technical glitch" as if people will believe them. Having two numbers present in the box just showed the host can choose either to display a winning 2 or the losing 0.

I just joked about this in the office that ABS-CBN has no Quality Assurance function-- game moved into production unpolished that even the user i.e. Willie Revillame (now Willie Revile-Me) made a big mistake on national television.

That "Technical Glitch" will be remembered for a long time...while showbiz gossip mongers feast on the issue.

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