Wednesday, September 19, 2007

e-Courts and Cybercrime in the Philippines

This a quite late reaction to the Inquirer news on
E-Courts pushed for cybercrimes recently.

E-Courts are really needed in this country to handle the relentless onslaught of cybercrimes but what's more urgent is the utter lack of a cybercrime bill that wasn't approved due to the usual politicking by the so called lawmakers too busy on many trivial things or just too plain stupid to understand the urgency of the bill.

I've experienced working with various law enforcement agencies handling cybercrimes, particularly the NBI's cybercrimes unit and the CIDG's equivalent arm and I can say the capabilities of the law enforcers also need to be upgraded or else the uber-pricey forensics equipment donated by the US government will just amount to a pile of wortless junk.

There's also a deplorable ignorance of the law of some judges. I remember one time we had to file a case in Manila involving Internet piracy using the RA 8792 or the E-Commerce Law and the fiscal and the judge didn't know about it. Good thing we brought with us a copy so they can review.

Such ignorance of people who ought to know the law!


  1. Cybercrime Law SucksJune 4, 2009 at 2:48 PM

    E-courts, Cybercrime, well they're just proposed by bunch of Moronic Senators in the Philippines, how can you filter some uploads for youtube? rapidshare? mediafire? Well I don't think they're making any sense because most of them are nonsense

  2. Cybercrime Law Sucks, you don't understand cybercrime just as senators don't. it's not just uploads we're talking about here