Friday, August 24, 2007

8 Things About Paetechie

got tagged by carlotta

sorry for posting here since i really avoid not to post off-topic stuff in my main blog tutubi patrol

here goes:

1. 8 is my favorite number
2. i love math, and used to torture my mind solving problems and puzzles
3. listen to music from classical to heavy metal, and almost anything in between
4. prefer nature over the city, mountains over malls
5. hate soap operas. i can tolerate usual plots (amnesia, ampon, kawawa) but not the stupid twists that's really illogical just to prolong the story, that can misinform viewers. Soaps are just too predictable!
6. I can listen to music, sing along with it, and read a book at the same time
7. daydream a lot
8. i don't have a credit card

This is just my second time to be tagged and my first time to respond (i begged off from the first). I won't tag anyone, just feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to :P

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Credit Card Woes

For years now, I have been living life without that plastic called a credit card sought after by most people. There was only a time when I had a BPI Express Credit card mailed to me by BPI since I have two bank accounts with them.

I used that card for at least a year then deactivated it not wanting to pay for the annual fee of P1200.

Twice, in my "past life" I received a card from AIG sent to my office. The first one was due to an officemate who referred me. The second time was when the unethical head of Human Resources gave the list of employees to AIG (I found this out when I asked the AIG agent how they got my contact number and how come all of my officemates received one)

Both cards I didn't activate unlike my officemates. Because of this I got a call from a lady working for AMI, some sort of market intelligence company, who visited me in the office, interviewed me why didn't I activate the cards sent to me, unlike almost everybody else. So many questions asked that I simply answered I don't need one, I still prefer cash even the occasional cash purchases. The lady even ask my opinion on how can they sign me up for a card. I said, I don't really need one. The lady just told me I'm "one of a kind."

That lady was actually pretty and so my officemates asked me why I was interviewed? I told them why and asked me if they could be interviewed too plus the freebie mug I was given as gratitude for taking a few minutes of my time.

Years later, I now tried to apply for a Citibank credit card upon the suggestion of a friend when she learned I was contemplating on applying for one. I needed one to use for an upcoming trip to Hong Kong for I wanted to avoid usual $100 deposit at the hotel if I don't have a card.

A day after I was informed by a friend, her friend from Citibank called me up in the office and sent me the application form through a courier, who asked me to sign the form and submit a copy of my payslips, income tax return and company ID.

After a few days, I got numerous calls from their guys asking me for information on this and that even asked for his calls to be transferred to our personnel administration office to verify something. The guy even called up my home phone to verify the information I submitted.

My Hong kong trip was nearing so I tried to follow my application with my friend who in turn followed it up from her friend at Citibank where I was told the application was already approved and just wait for a few days.

Another week went by and I just got a letter from Citibank that my application was not approved for unknown reasons.

I just shrugged the whole thing off thinking it's Citibank's loss and not mine. I don't know how the risk management guys of Citibank were thinking but I find them stupid. Yes, S-T-U-P-I-D stupid!

I'm not sour graping. I still can't imagine why I was denied even without a bad record in my name, a respectable amount in my three bank accounts many times the initial credit limit they told me, and a salary of a management level employee and yet they denied me.

In the letter, they informed me I could try again after six months. Oh no, Citibank, don't expect me to cross paths with your stupid people again.

For now, I continue living without that plastic card and loving it!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Image Spam Then, Now PDF Spam

Months ago I noticed a surge in spammers sending me images with legit looking words in email body to defeat anti-spam tools.

Now, there's a plenty of them spam, this time as PDF files, received by my inbox. Most of the filenames even have my name on them as if it's really for me.

Since I know they're spam, I just mark them as spam until my email client or webmail tags messages like it as junk mail.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ATM Fees and Charges in the Philippines

Here's an example of a politician ranting incorrectly about an issue he barely understands: the claim of outrageous ATM fees earned by Philippine banks

The story, available online at CIBAC site in Filipino lambasts banks charging atm transaction fees on withdrawal, balance inquiries and others but failed to mention that the fees are only applicable when the cardholder decided to use the ATMs other than his own banks

There are no charges for using your own bank's ATM. However, the cardholder will be charged P1 or P2 for balance Inquiries, P8 to P11 for cash withdrawals and about P25 for funds transfers between banks. That is what you call ATM convenience fees. The cardholder has the option to use his own bank's ATM but in order to do, transportation may be needed as well as time and the risk involved.

The ones charging the cardholder are actually the three networks that allow such setup to happen: BancNet Expressnet and Megalink. These three need the convenience fees collected to survive. That's simple economics.

Lots of politicians suffer from selective amnesia in their desire to get media mileage in this country.

Update (as of November 2007):

Current Fees and Charges of ATM transactions in the Philippines