Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Prudential Life: Selling Insurance Shameless Way

This is a pathetic and unscrupulous attempt of some group on trying to sell you insurance by Prudential Life, not sure if officially sanctioned by Prudential Life
but the way they trick people in coming to their office is something that should never be done by normal people.

I'm publishing this as another friend of mine asked me if this modus operandi that she won something and must come to the same office (my friends know of the kind of work I do that's why they consult me about things like this)

You people behind this trick should be ashamed of yourselves.

I sent an email inquiry to the helpdesk of Prudential Life but fell on deaf ears and got no reply...I wonder why

to all readers, beware and spread the word!
the shenanigans behind this act use Social Engineering by declaring to come to their office and file within 24 hours plus the dubious and absurd requirement of presenting credit card as identification.


we received a call informing us that we still file for a claim on a dead brother's Prudential life insurance.

our brother died in an accident several months ago.
this was a surprise as earlier inquiries told us that the policy had lapsed.

the caller said that:
- the claim must be filed within 24 hours;
- any relative may file the claim but must have valid IDs (company ID, sss ID, any CREDIT CARD);
- we must proceed to Prudential Life's RELEASING OFFICE at the 6/F RCI Bldg, Rada St., Legaspi Vill., Makati

at the supposedly RELEASING OFFICE, although the glass doors and wall had the the Prudential Life name/logo, the room didn't feel right:
- there was only a single office table with several chairs, a sofa and some side tables and a tv (several young men/yuppies were watching tv);
- the carpeting was dismal;
- very prominent was a stack of large gift-wrapped boxes (maalala mo talaga yung 'family first')

we became really suspicious and finally withdrew when, despite our insistence that we were there to file for a claim:
- they did not ask for any detail about the policy holder (not even the name);
- instead they filled out a green Prudential Life Personal Information Sheet with my info.
- they insisted on requiring that we present at least one CREDIT CARD for verification of our identity.

we were lucky to get out unscathed (we never presented a credit card, got back my IDs and the information sheet before leaving) pero ang masakit, namatayan na nga kami ay naisipan pa nilang gawin yun - sana multohin sila ng kapatid ko!


  1. Hey Dude!

    I think, you may try to get in touch with DTI through their website

    You can email your complaint and call them, as well. Better yet, send a cc to Imbestigador.c

  2. I agree!

    The authorities should take care of them. Let us not allow them to take our hard earned money!

  3. Hit em' hard, Pare!

    Don't let them disrespect the dead.

    Gotta question for you. How come my pathetic blog has a PR 4? My serious blogs' highest is only a 3... :(

  4. dti is it

    will ask my friend to complain there or that media outfit

    it's really irritating and disgusting for those guys

    right. i even asked my friend to go to the office but chickened out :(


    so many factors affecting PR, one of them is the number of links to your blog

    I still have to work on the PR of this blog since this is not my main one :)

  5. does anyone have any info about family first? they used to have a similar method of luring people. Did people really get their money (lump sum or otherwise) after five years of no claim?

  6. Hi there,

    I was contacted about something similar except this was supposedly for Prudential Life's 29th Anniversary.

    Yes it's the same place and I got the same sketchy feeling.

    Is this just insurance or a hardcore scam? Like can they use signatures and photos to steal money from my ATM or something?

    The Government should do something if they're not legit!

  7. I was also contacted about the 29th year anniversary pasasalamat promo (a free accident insurance policy). They could not tell me how they got my name & number. They just said that they do not know how they got my name. (fishy) Next, they also said I just had to go there to sign the form and present 3 ID's. passport, driver's license & credit card. (really fishy) nice way to get ALL my information, and signature! the address they gave is 20/F Security Bank Bldg., 6775 Ayala Ave. Funny thing is, I checked by calling the security bank bldg and a prudential life office exists complete with logo.

  8. grabe! i just got this text message today. nagreply ako, sabi ko scammer! tapos na kaya yung celebration ng 29th year anniv nila nung may. and it was a month long thingy. layo ng november sa may ha...

  9. maan, their "promo" attempt is a big SCAM. i don't know why such tactic is permitted by Prudential Life for so long!

  10. I just called Prudential Life (864-8000, Fe Quibrantan). They admitted the people texting and calling us are their TELEMARKETERS. If this is a scam, it is sanctioned by Prudential Life.

  11. pwede bang magpakalat tyo ng text na scam cla lalo na yung mga nasa malls mas marami naloloko??? madami tyong matu2lungan

  12. nkatanggap din ako ng ganyang tawag.. ang pinagtatakhan ko lng ay kung saan nila nkuha ang no. ko.. at saan nila nlaman ang name at surname ko.. tska hellooo!! d nga ako ng avail ng plan plan na yan! tpos my prudential life na biglang ttwag smin.. at demanding pa.. pumunta n daw ako at ibbgay daw nila ang accident insurance kuno! at pati my trip to singapore pa.. eww! boses chihuahua namn ung manung na un noh! namimilit pa.. kkasar! boyet daw ang name at may ksama pa syang angel daw! buti nlng mas loko loko ako sa mga un.. hahaha.. at d nla ako naisahan!

  13. im from davao ang ive almost a victim of a free life insurance plan from UCPB daw. same thing they have asked me to bring 3 IDs daw. personal id, government id and a credit card. (since credit card acc to this representative is already considered as an ID na daw. even airports consider it as one.) theyve been calling me for 2 wks na. i almost believed them. but when i told my sis about it, she forwarded me to this site. shame!! i was surprised mga langhiya yung mga yun! but its okay my dad is already preparing for the NBI's investigation for their modus.I HOPE KARMA IS ON THEIR WAY!!!!

  14. i received this message..." Ds s Shiela Caballero, for Last Notification. You nid to claim and activate "TODAY" your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES for Free from Prudential Group MAKATI, Formore details and for your claiming code w/c you will need upon claiming, Call us Mon/Sat. frm 9:30-5:00 pm at 02 8405478, 02-812 0166, 02 8129403..Many Thanks and God Bless (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED".
    prudential should do something about this scam...this people can easily be identified since they are using land line, i almost believed this since i am a prudential life beneficiary

  15. gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano talaga ang status ng Prudential life. Kasi po last January ng avail po ako doon sa Cash Option Benefit. Approved na raw po but up to this time di ko pa na receive yung termination values. Hanggang sa lumabas po sa news na tinanggalan na ng licence ang Prudential.Hannga ngayon po still hoping na sana my makuha ako. By the way Im from Angeles City.

  16. mayron din po akong ED.Plan sa panganay kung anak bali next yaer na po nya magagamit Fully Paid na po ito so ano naba talaga ang Status ng Companya mapapakinabangan po ng anak ko? kasi balak na rin namin ipa in-cash baka kasi mauwi lang sa wla Im from Riyadh K.S.A

  17. anonymous, SEC revoked the license to sell of Prudentialife due to deficiencies in their trust fund. they continue to operate. It's up to you if you want to claim your money earlier. I think I need an insider information on the true state of prudenlife plans.

    good thing i don't have a pre-need plan from them. i have a life insurance and pension plan from a more reputable insurance company that didn't close even during world war II :P

  18. ako rin wala ng tiwala sa prudential plan 900 thousand plus na ang napasakamay nila dahil sa mga insurance ng buong pamilya ko ,ang hirap ng pinagdaanan ko para lang makapagbayad sa mga plan namin tapos mapunta lang sa wala ,balak ko ng e terminate nalang lahat ,
    300 thousand nalang ang maibalik sa akin ,tapos ang dami pa nilang drama .pwede ba sarili kung pera ang ipinagkatiwala ko sa kanila tapos mapunta lang sa lugi sana pinamigay ko nalang sa mahihirap marami pang matuwa ,nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi .

  19. ako rin pakiramdam ko na scam din ako ng totoong prudential plan ,900 thousand mahigit na nabayad ko sa kanila ,marami din kasi kaming nakuhang plan sa kanila para lahat sa family ko tapos may lumabas na balita na wala na silang license,nawalan na ako ng tiwala sa kanila kaya gusto kung i terminate na ang lahat ng plans namin ,ay ang dami nilang drama hah,akala ko ba sabi nila hindi nila pipigilan kung sino ang gustong mag terminate hah..tapos pinakwenta ko ay 300thousand nalang ang maibabalik sa akin ,ang laki ng lugi ko talaga sa kanila kaya pakiramdam ko na scam nila ako ,halos mag-away pa kami ng kapatid ko na inutusan kong magpa terminate sa lahat ng plan namin kasi binola bola pa siya sa prudential ,nasa abroad kasi ako kaya hindi ko personal na mapuntahan .

  20. ganun din po ako grabe talaga..parang kausap ni di professional inuutouto pa nila nasisikmura pa nila bolahin ang mga tao kesyo dahil sa economic crisis bakit ano ba naman ginawa ko nagtrabaho naman ako at nagbabayad sa gobyerno ng tamang buwis tapos yun pera ko extra tiwala ko invest sa kanila tapos ganun ganun lang na parang sila pa ang nalugi at dapat unawain natin..Grabe naman isa tanong ko saan napunta yun iba kong pera ang sagot ayun nasa langit nasa mga ulap woah..sabog ba kausap ko pero di naman ako galit nun kinausap ko sya ang sagot ko lang sana may natulungan sila...paano masisikmura bolahin ang isang tao nagtiwala sa iyo dahil sa PERA LANG BA!!!TEMPORARY LANG YAN MAWAWALA RIN!!!!MAUUBOS!!!!KAHIT BUHAY DIN NATIN MAWAWALA!!!

  21. ...naku...ayusin nyo naman ang mga buhay ninyo....pinaghirapan ang pera na pinagkatiwala sa inyo at hindi lang basta dinampot...pano ba magwithdraw baka wala na matira sa pinagkatiwala sa inyo....?

  22. PRE-NEED Company is very different from LIFE INSURANCE Company. Pre-need company like prudential life plans is under SEC, while Life Insurance company like Pru Life UK is under Insurance Commision which requires legal reserves or bond for their policy holder. So, in terms of security 101% your money is secured with Life Insurance company. Just a Tip to the investors, please do research first and have a wide knowledge and background for every decisions you will make. Always consider the BEST for you and your love ones!

  23. I also recieved the same text scam yesterday from +6309127881909 stating as follows " FINAL NOTIFICATION : Good day ! Dis is from [PRUDENTIAL GROUP OF COMPANIES.] RADA MAKATI BRANCH. we would like to inform u dat ur 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARD and PRIVILEGES are still hir at our office. we would like to know if ur still INTERESTED to claim ur reward. pls call w/in 48hours (02)8129403 (02)8120155 (02)8127282 (02)8405478 upon reciept of dis message. Look for Mr. Winnie Catindig from 9am-5pm. Many thanks and Godbless (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)"

    I called the given this morning and talk to a certain Mr. Winnie Catindig with regards to some of my inquires.He assured me that I dont have to pay anything then he required me to report at their office to fill-up the claim form.It is located at 6 floor RCI BLDG. 105 RADA ST.
    He then gave me a code "WD08D82V" that need to be presented when I get there at their office so that they will know that I dont have to pay anything. He also reminded me to bring 1 company ID and 2 government ID and also asked if I have any credit card co'z it can be used as replacement in case I'm lacking in IDs.

    I completely believed this guy because I am a plan holder of prudential Life that's why no doubt comes into my mind.

    Fortunately, my wife asked me to forward to her the text message I have recieved.

    When I'm on my way to the address mentioned above, I recieved a call from my wife informing me not to proceed to their office because she found out thru the net that it is an scam.

    Upon my way back home, I recieved a text message twice from +639127881908 asking me of what possible time will I arrive at their office.

    If you are on my shoes, would you tell them that you already know their disgusting activity? or you just keep your silence and put this experience as a learning mistake so that next time you will become more vigilant.

  24. i just received a text form them yesterday, so i called the nos. and they told me the "supposed priviliges" and informed that i'll just be contacted later.

    May these people be investigated. they are not only giving us false hopes, but they do take away some of our preciuous time.

  25. OH MY!!!!!! I am supposed to drop by to claim the so called 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARD and PRIVILEGES Tomorrow, thanks to my son info to search this institution whether is is really existing. Now I am convince that I really need to ignore this especially after searching thru the internet I found out that a lot were been a victim by this scam Here is the text message from Number +639129109006
    Frm: prudential releasing office. Ur 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARD and PRIVILEGES are ready to claim and still here in claimimg Dept we would like to know if u still interested to claim ur Privileges here in our Privileges here in our office. Because our Management will Finalize all records of our client/receipient who doesn't claim their rewards. pls call w/in 48hours from 9am-5pm. for further information MAKATI Rada Branch Hotline nos.(02)8129403 (02)8120155 (02)8127282 (02)8405478 Look for Mr. Louie Aguilar. Thank You (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)"

  26. oh god im scared!!!. Nainganyo me mag-invest ng 24K sa kanila and im not sure if they are legitimate company. They said they are savings but iwonder how come they are not a bank.. Sa sm malls sila ngkakalat huhu ask for our credit card for free give us free wall clock and a mug then un pala mag-iinvest kame sa kanila.. then after 5 years pa pede mag-loan and in case i cancel namin 11k lang makukuha namin after 15 years pa ang iba as if buhay pa cla nun..what do i do???

  27. Guys, the best way to fight them is to report their number and text message to You have to give your name, mobile number and address for them to verify your authenticity but they act very fast. I reported a number yesterday and today it is already blocked. I tried calling the number but it is dead.

  28. Oh my god, kakakuha ko pa lang ng insurance sa kanila. =( I got ambushed sa Megamall ng isa sa mga agents nila. Akala ko magki-claim lang ako ng free gift, pero may kasama na palang "presentation" yun, which took 2 hours! I didn't know na ganun pala katagal, kasi ang sabi nila few minutes lang. Tapos inalok na nila ako ng insurance. Sabi nila sa Ortigas na daw ang office nila, wala na sa Makati.

    So they're not legit? =( I had no idea na may scam sila na ganito since noon pa. =(

  29. andito din yan sa SM cebu 2nd floor sa may dulo...may mga bading na naka harang sa may exit ng Sm tapos lalapitan ka bigla or tatawagin ka...buti d ako na scam..

  30. I had been scammed as well. They did the very same strategy as they do to others in the mall. I don't know how I can claim my money as they presented very well and yet what they explained for few hours was so different from what they stated in their policy. I hope our government will take action to this kind of fraud. This is a very professional way of stealing other people's hard earned money. I wonder how these people have all the nerve of doing this to their fellowmen without being scared of the consequences of their actions. I hope this fraud will be stopped soon so not so many people will be victimized. We will help each other to solve this and tell the authorities to conduct proper investigations to this kind of activity, otherwise it makes more people miserable losing their had earned money.

  31. Hindi naman po ata ito scam, bumili din kasi tatay ko noon dito sa Philippine Prudential Life na ito, nung natapos naman yung maturity date nasunod naman yung nasa policy, noon pa yun kaya di ko nalang alam ngayon. Pero legitimate naman sila naka rehistro naman ata sila sa Insurrance Commission, kung may mga tanong cguro kayo tungkol sa policy nila tawag nlng kayo sa main office nila nasa makati ata yun.

  32. beware of this number 09065826168 ngtxt di yan same thing na entitled daw ako ng exclusive previllages from prudential.....

  33. i just got a call today from Phil.Prudential.. sabi may insurance claim daw ako of some sort then i asked if nagapply ba sya dun or something..(i was pretending na hindi ako ung tinatawagan nila) anyway.. i just got their info sabi ko ibibigay ko sa tinatawagan nila and these are the info:
    PHONE NO. 8443431 LOCAL 4017

    the funny thing is after a few minutes tumatawag sila ulit looking for my Dad naman.. gosh these people walang magawang matino..

    BEWARE!!! sobrang scam to so dont be a VICTIM!!

    Philippine Prudential Life is different from Prudential Life which was been suspended by SEC last April 2004.

    The good news then to many of you whose plans were issued by Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. ( sold through Danvil Plans) is that your plans are not affected by the trust fund problems prevalent in the pre-need industry… because your plans are insurance plans issued by an insurance company, which has been operating since 1963, according to its web site.

  35. if this is real then y would they forced you to invest right away like they said only first timers can have oppurtunity to have slot or whatever,,

  36. Punyeta!!! talaga yang mga sales rep sa Philippine Pru na yan! i was with my sis her Bf and my 10 month old son sa SM-cebu!
    We had Fun! walking after shopping and went to look for a restaurant for Lunch it was 2pm and all of a sudden a bubbly, petit woman came into the picture with a very lively voice asking if we used our credit card for shopping at SM! becoz if we did we are qualified to play in an electronic slot and win a car or a $10k!! plus a give away of our choice!!
    I then asked what are the giv aways! (who wouldnt want freebies righ!) then she showed me pictures of tumblers, wall clocks etc. wt labels Phils. Pru. THen i ask her "so it's Insurance?" She Said NO!! then My sister's BF asked her "so what's the catch??" She then replied " For Advertisement, We want your testimony telling people about Us!,
    Hungry but we agreed to go with her for our "LUCK" We Lost our Parents in the il-fated princess of stars maybe this time we get lucky. in their office i learned that i have to under go briefing before playing!
    I then told them that i dont have 45 mins coz im freaking hungry, then they said it won't take long as long as i will say yes all the time! When i got inside a sale rep intro herself introduced the company, I then Told her that Im working for an insurance company for 8years! and its bigger than Phil PRu!! " I'm not a good prospect!" but then she said bigyan lang daw sya ng time kasi may vedio camera daw inside! mamimigay sila ng libreng free TRIP to BOracay if i just listen and Smile! so nag yes ng yes nalang ako para matapos na..(again who wouldn't want a trip to boracay for free!)

    Ang ganda ng offer nya deposit akong 58k withdrawable anytime! tapos may libreng insurance! sabi ko ayy ganda! nag agree ako, I have this fund in the bank for emergencies, kako mas ok kasi if i die my family will get more than 58k!! so i asked for the black and white before i will make the transfer.
    ANG sabi after na daw sa transfer/ swiping kasi daw baka hindi ako ma approv! sabi ko hindi ako pwedeng hindi e approv ni bank!! i assured her na ma approve ako kahit 100k! tapos sabi nya, may cases daw na hindi ina approve kaya inuuna nila ang approval! in other words "Swipe muna! bago ako mag Basa!!" Punyeta!! ano akala nila sa akin GONG GONG?? so i told them "I will think it over muna" kasi how will i know totoo sinabi nya! ang gaga! Ginamit ang mga yes ko against me! everytime i say "I will think about it." hindi ko namalayan i was in that horror room for 2 n ahalf hours! sa inis ko, i asked for life insurance nalang ..anyway im in a market for additional coverage para may benta naman sya sa akin, to my surprise ayaw! kasi yong savings lang daw talaga! na 58k deposit. Buti nalang pumasok kapatid ko sa loob NAgwala kasi anak ko iyak na ng iyak! pinagalitan ang kausap ko, galit din sya pinalabas kapatid ko mamadaliin daw nya malapit na matapos! so shen then ask me if i spare 100 pesos a day nalang para makapag start akong mag save since hindi issue ang money. Again sabi ko give me an illustration, hangang nag down na sya sa 50pesos a day tapos parang galit!..pumasok uli kapatid ko inaway na sya!
    I went out they got nothing from me but I wasted precious fun time namin dahil sa PANGLOLOKO nila!

    In my 8years sa Insuranace Industry.

    I have never asked my prospects to pay without anything to read on (illustration sa program).

    I have never asked them to decide right there and then, In fact we help them make a budget schem that will help them manage their finances.

    Sinira ng PHILIPPINE Prudential LIFE ang reputation ng INSURance Industry sa marketing strategy nila!! mga TAo nila ay SINUngaling!! NAsira araw namin DAhil sa kanila!!!

    Ang ganda ng concept of Savings and Insurance! pero sinira ng mga sinungaling na sales rep na walang ibang habol kundi sweldo nila! couldn't careless kung may masasagasaan!


  37. If they really want to help people to save why is it the initial deposit is not the same with your monthly premium...In opening a savings account you must only deposit an initial amount of PHP 1000.

  38. First of all I would like to let you know guys that there are more than three companies bearing almost the same name as this one, there is Prudential Life Plans which is a pre need company and it is under by SEC and not by Insurance Commission their and their license is revoked and their website is The second one is the prudential life which is in an insurance company but I don't know most of their products or strategy. The last one is the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company or known as PPLIC this is the one you are seeing on the mall and their not the one who is calling you to file for death claim or what so ever. PPLIC is licensed to Insurance Commission and not with the SEC only those pre-need company are license to SEC so don't waste your time to file complaint on SEC because they will just endorse you to Insurance Commission. Remember before you make your complain make sure to read your contract that they issued to you if you avail the plan. Also don't bother to go to DTI because their promotions doesn't required any permit from DTI and DTI knows this!

  39. ang tibay ng loob nyong manloko sana karmahin kayo........

  40. oh my God..i'm now very worried about my account.

    Philippine Prudential Life is different from Prudential Life which was been suspended by SEC last April 2004.

    The good news then to many of you whose plans were issued by Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. ( sold through Danvil Plans) is that your plans are not affected by the trust fund problems prevalent in the pre-need industry… because your plans are insurance plans issued by an insurance company, which has been operating since 1963, according to its web site.

  42. Hello you are professionals right? Better respect their marketing strategy. If they are "manloloko" how come they are still operating for 47 years? You need to do more research, baka kasi yung negative side lang lage nakikita niyo at ibang company ang na research niyo. If it's a scam how come pinapayagan ang operation nila sa mall? Actually isa rin ako sa na invite. Ok naman ah, it's just a matter of "PERCEPTION of VALUE". Siguro hindi niyo pa ma a-apreciate ngayon. Kung ayaw niyo wag na lang kayong manira, besides hindi naman kayo tinutukan ng baril ng mga tga PPLIC. Siguro nagagalit kayo kasi magagaling lang talaga taga PPLIC at may sense na man presentation nila. RESPECT na lang po.

  43. Actually I just had my policy from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. under their Wealth Builder Program on July 24, 2010. You know what, I have hadn't sleep 3 days because of the bad blogs I have read in the net. On monday, I filed a sick leave from my work because I planned to cancel the policy. I went there office at Keppel Building Business Park Cebu City to clarify something. They were firmed with their explanations and I guess they are not scammers. It's just that their strategy is not that nice as we think it could be. Right after 3 days of collecting sentiments from my officemates and managers from other branches where I worked, they said that PPLIC is indeed existing and faithfully complied legal documents to Insurance Comission. So, I was able to sleep well already. But what still bogging out in my mind if that branch where I have my policy received is authorized. I don't know how to check if they are allowed to sell. Guys help me. Let me know if this branch is authorize. Thanks. I'll wait your answeres here.

  44. we, in cagayan de oro, known to be the city of golden friendship is now facing with the same problems that you have. Same strategy of this sales agent who will at the end ask our credit card and you then you will now be a planholder "unintentionally"
    Earlier, I talked with a lawyer regarding their method and tomorrow will be at the radio station and television as possible. My complains will not be about scam but their method of selling. i thought they can help me save but rather they are putting burden on my back which I will never forget.

  45. The best way to stop these people is by constantly pestering their office with your complaints. Never give up hope that justice will be served. Believe in the power of the people. OR all you can learn to walk away from sales people in malls or not entertain text promos. If you look at it closely the problem lies with the people who are weak enough not to say no. So guys just chill and believe in karma.

  46. Oh my God i also receive a text message which states FINAL NOTIFICATION FROM PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL. Good day your 3 rewards and privileges are still in our office. You need to claim and activate because the management will finalize the records of the recipients who don't claim their rewards.For your claiming code w/c you will present upon claiming. You may call at (02)755-1532. Call us from 9am-5pm. Contact Person:MISS VICKY CORTEZ. Disregard if claimed.
    Nang tinawagan ko yong number, the girl named Michel asked me also of three ID's including Credit Card ID.
    Hay buti nalang i got to this website and search for the authenticity of the said insurance!

  47. Heya.... I just purchased an endowment policy with Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company. I must admit that the strategy of the sales reps of PPLIC is not really that effective in a way that their method of supposedly inviting prospects to come to their office is not clear. I was at the Mega Mall looking for the clinic when a sales rep of PPLIC approached me asking if I had a credit card and if so, which bank issued it. I said I have and he told me I am qualified to claim their "freebies". I got curious as to what the freebies are so he asked me to follow him to their office. I was only told to claim the freebies; apparently for advertisement of their products. When we got to the reception desk, I was endorsed to another agent who ushered me inside. I thought I was only going to claim something but little did I know that I am about to be sold an insurance or endowment policy as they call it.

    I sat there for more than a hour listening to the agent explaining to me the concept of their endowment policy. Again, I have to admit that I did not fully understand all the information fed to me since I do not have any ample background about insurance. Anyway, I did not sense that it is a scam. I was told that if I have any questions, I could always go back and inquire or clarify. I was assured that their office is always open for clarifications.

    The thing that has been bothering me though is that, I was not given enough time to really think about it before purchasing. I asked if I could come back the next day or so before signing so I could consider it more but I was told that I should sign that same day. Why? It is something that involves money and which, in these days, people really need to think good before spending or investing big money. Why can't we come back the following day to sign? I'm sure a night or a day won't make a big difference.

    Also, you need to have a credit card before you can purchase. So what if I didn't have a credit card and I wanted to purchase the plan? Does that mean I am not qualified to avail? Not all people like the idea of having a credit card even if they can afford to have one or two.

    With the time spent by the agent explaining to me their product, I could tell the difference in the way they market from those of their agents in the halls. If you cannot tell the difference, you will really come out thinking that you were deceived and lured. I would like to suggest to PPLIC that you to train or educate your agents about the proper way of inviting people. Even I felt that I was deceived!

    Your agents speak of your company and they affect your reputation. They are your look-out. Even if you have a legit business and your intentions are good if your people are not professionals, it will greatly affect you.

    Could you also update your website? There's not much in it and your customer line is always busy.

    It is alright to ask for identification cards however; it does not have to be a credit card. Also, how can people with no credit card avail of an endowment plan? You have offices in the malls and I believe you have cashiers, can't your policyholders just walk in and pay their premium contributions instead of automatically deducting it in the credit card?

  48. hai naku sa inyo??/ang isasabi kulang malalaki na kayo?/ saka may pinag-aralanna whats good and right. bakit kayo nagpa.uto? YOU KNOW NAMAN already na we face a financial crisis right now diba? PARA kayo bobo for just 45 minutes maniwala kayo?? nasasayo ang desiston kung matalino ka?? dapat pinag-isipan hiyo muna bago gawin ang isang bagay para walang sisipan sa huli.

  49. gosh...i just signed up for an endowment policy from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance. I had this uneasy feeling, so i search about the company from the internet...unfortunately, i read all these scam stuff about very worried of the action i did just recently...singing up a certain policy. can i end this? how can i cancel my policy? pleaseeeeee help!!

  50. i think somebody here is from Philippine prudential life. Well to that anonymous person, mamatay kana sana at masunog sa empyerno. Mamatay na rin sana buong pamilya mo. Hahaha! Muntikan lang po ako mabiktima ng companya nyo. Sorry! Hindi ako bobo! Nakakapanghinyang lang talaga at marami ng tao ang binigyan nyo ng probelma. Sana lang hindi umabot na ipasalvage kayong mga taga phil. prudential life...
    hahaha... BEWARE! baka, bukas makalawa ay BOOM! May bomba na sa office nyu...hahaha! Magsama sama kayo ni satanas!

  51. Well, to those reading the comments and blogs in this segment, please kindly read everything first then make a research before you jump to a conclusion.

    If you purchased an endowment policy with PPLIC, please refer to item number 11 in the Confirmation. It states there that you have a 15-day free look period wherein, you can always go back and ask or make changes in your policy. If you want to cancel your policies, go on. That is your decision and whatever you decide, you do it for yourself. You have every right to do whatever you want with your money, your life.

    I myself, I read these blogs after I signed up for an endowment policy. I should have done it before but I did not have the chance.

    While the posts here are troubling, again, please try first to make a research. It's always easy to REACT, sadly, in a negative way if you do not have knowledge of the thing or subject you are reading. Try to see the difference in things, it is important that you differentiate one from the other. While it maybe true that the marketing strategy of the reps at PPLIC is not good, the services they are offering speaks otherwise. In life, we make mistakes, everyday. People hurt us and we hurt, that is the truth. But if you're not able to separate the sin from the person, all the negative things that we can think of comes to mind. The same is true in businesses. Who is without fault? But then again, let's not focus on the mistake. Rather, what we can learn from it. If you feel that you were "victimized" or however you want to call it, then why don't you go back and clarify? Go, march into their office and clarify your case.

    What is lacking with PPLIC, as i can see it, is the proper training of the reps. If you think you are better than them, present yourself and educate them. Just do it in the right way. I'm sure all, if not most of the people who signed up for an endowment policy were not forced to do so. The reps are persistent and would do everything they can to convince you to buy, but if you really do not want to, you are not obligated. The problem is, accept it or not, we find it difficult to say NO. No matter how good the rep is if we do not really want to, he or she cannot make us sign up. We feel embarrassed at ourselves if we say no so we sign up then regret about it later. It's okay. Just go back and surrender the policy. YOU CAN ALWAYS SAY NO IF YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO.

    Regret always comes in the end. The good thing is that, PPLIC gives you a 15-day free look period so you can make changes.

    People, how would you feel if you are judged incorrectly? Before you say things, try to put yourself first in the shoes of the other person. Treat others the way you want yourself to be treated. How would you feel if you did wrong to a person and he/she cannot forget it or forgive you?

    THINK before you act.

    God bless to all...

  52. ingat kayo sa paawa strategy kailangan daw makakota at ikaw nalang ang kulang..maawa ka na daw..well bullshit!

  53. nabiktima din ako ng mga halimaw na yan. ito yung story ko:

    May picture din akong kuha sa loob dahil galit na ako dahil ang tagal nila akong papalabasin.

  54. Nov 5, 2010
    I almost got victimized. Yesterday I got this from 09176047205
    Good day! This is Mr. Steven Madrigal from PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL
    Your 3 Exclusive Reward and Privileges for FREE are still here in our office. You need to claim and activate today because the management will finalize all the records of our clients/recepients who don't claim their rewards. For your Claiming Code which you will need to present upon claiming you may call us exclusively in our Makati office from 9am-5pm for further information. pls. call 7551532 upon receipt of this message. Thank you and God bless.
    They asked my name and my work and were I am from. Also they said I have 3 rewards. An insurance until age 65 for free, 2 year scholarship transferable, and a free ticket to win in a raffle the amount of 5ok. But if I had a visa or mastercard issued by an affiliated bank I will have 5 tickets.
    My husband checked the internet and called me about it
    The next day I got this
    Gudam ds s frm da releasing ofs of Phil.Prudential. Pls confirmed ur appt. w/ us today hir n our ofs. Ur 3 reward n privileges for free are ready to claim.etc
    I didn't answer the text from this other number 09175729418 and they called so I just told them I'm busy. Grabe

  55. ako i just called them today and talked to mr michael tan. i always received message from prudential life saying that FINAL NOTIFICATION; GOOD DAY DS IS MICHAEL TAN OF PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL. U ARE ENTITLED TO CLAIMED 3 PRIVILAGES AND BENEFITS FOR FREE, YOU NEED TO CLAIM AND ACTIVATE W/IN 4 8HRS. CALL AT 02-7551532 UPON RECIEVE OF THIS MESSAGE. TNX! AND GOD BLESS!. THAT FROM 09071932662. so i vcalled the landline number to check out. then they saying that they are phil prudential and i wont that price on there raffle. at tinanong ko why they give it this benefits even they are not member yet? sabe nila pasasalamat dw ng philippine prudential. they sbe ko madame ng scam na ganyan baka isa sila don sbe nila hindi dw. then ngask sila ng id`s and a credit card of course w/ sign. then they said if im interested to claim today they will give me a code and i have to go to there office in makati, i told them i dont want to waste my time to go there and get nothing just want to make sure that they telling the truth. then they give me another number to call he said its office number just look for ms ann the number is 7551532. wow i just notice that its the same number that they give in the message. but mr MICHAEL TAN told me its number in makati office. and then i called the number again look for ms ann she told me if i already talked to the customer service alr? i said yes and they ask me the code if they give me because i neede it claim prizes i said no and she said ok i will call you back in 5 minute to check. i said ok. then i search the prudential life then suddenly i saw this message same landline number that they give to others. then when they call me back i told them about this scam. i said i saw all the message in the internet they have scam. and mr MICHAEL TAN pretend that he doest know about it. and he put down the phone. so means its really true scammer...why do people do this?? and nobody react on it. hello to the gov pls look at it. PEOPLE WANT INSURANCE TO MAKE SURE THAT IN FUTURE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO GET. mahiya naman kayo mga manloloko...mahiya na lang kayo sa anak nyo pag nabasa ito..

  56. hi i also called by the philippines prudential plan to claim my 3. benefits . i am botheree why i have that one that i did not have that plan . then he said that i must be there at 3rd flor keppel building 10 to 12
    SO............i realise i just want toask my nieghbor because he worked in keppel last year , i ask her if there is a PPIC she said " i think there is" so it means its not sure
    i ask again our neighbor about that then htey said dont go there coz ther some are scam
    SO i i try to search in the internet about PPIC news
    i know that called me is a scam
    until the texted to go there and told me to enter at the back of the keppel building because its holiday and then they told if i were in the keppel i will txt them . the first boy called name ELYMA and he called me again of where i am now but this tym i know already
    that this is a scam i a told them that im on the way
    BEWARE OF THIS NO. 0324126406 AND 0324126831

  57. i was also a victim of philippine prudential life insurance company.Nagpunta aq ng sm north to buy a book,then my biglang humarang skin n girl sya dw si shawie she ask me if i have a credit card then i said none only a debit card..sabi nya pwede n yan mam qualified n dw aq s rafle nila at mka2kuha ng mga gifts..since pampalipas n dn ng oras ngpaentertain nmn aq gang dnala nya n aq s annex dun dw maku2ha ung gift..after ng 15 mins n paghi2ntay iniwan n q nung gurl at pnapasok n aq s loob,i met matk anthony un ung agent n ngconvinve skin n mgopen ng policy..Ang explanation nya bale mgoopne lng dw aq ng panibagong acount itra2nsfer q lng dw ung iba qng pera s acount nila tapoz sabi p ndi nmn dw ung maga2law kz maku2ha dw un after 15 yrs..TAKE NOTE:sabi nya sakin acount ung ioopen.,ask p nya f mgkano ung laman ng debit card q ang mali q lng cnav q nmn...he was very eager to convince me to avail their policy.Napa2yag nmn nya aq n pngcchan q tlaga..grabeh gnamitan kz aq ng tactics..Since,ngda2an aq s malaking problema(financial problem)i decided to cancel my policy last october 10,2010.Malos mg22 months n nga wala p dn lead s pera q puro nasa management..then my 2mawag skin n customer representtive at cnav n pag cash value n dw wala p 1k maku2ha q,.tlagang ngwala aq s phone d biro ung knuha nila sakin taz ganun ung kapalit..ofcourse ndi aq pa2yag..pera q un d nila pnaghirapan un 2 yrs q un inipon taz mauuwi s wala d nmn yata un d makatarungan un,.Kya by sunday nakkpa meeting aq s agent at s sale manager para ibalik nila ung pera q..!PLZ PKI SAMA PO AQ S PRAYER NYO N MABAWI Q UNG PERA Q..TNX PO!!!


  59. I was an employer of Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company (PPLIC) before. I'm not on them. pero I don't think na scam sila.. Mali lang siguro yung marketing strategy nila. And pinaka mali sa ginagawa nila as everybody said without any permission i-swi-swipe nila yung credit card or ATM kahit hindi kayo magavail ng plan. It's not actually about the company. Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Inc. sobrang yaman na insurance company yan. Ang sa tingin ko ang mali lang e yung mga agent/s nila. If I know they're just want to sell as easy as they can. nakonting rapport sa consumer/customer/client akala nila na tama yung ginagawa nila. And that is bad! They all trained for being as good as they can be pero parang sobra ata sa dunong ang mga agent/s nila. As what I've learned from them is yung pagiging malakas ang loob. kaso na over yung confident nung iba!!! Lalo na yung mga promo agent/s sa mall. and yung mga sales agent/s nila. But I know They're just doing that for their families (of course) and I know that everybody na kailangan talaga ng pera sa buhay kahit sa patalim kumakapit. Give them a break people they're not scam. They're in good company. Kulang lang sa disiplina yung mga promo/ sales/ telemarketing agents nila. But Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company ITS NOT A SCAM!!! Just give them a break.

    FYI for the trainer of PPLIC this is just a reminders:

  60. meron pang isang mga manloloko sa mall yung "DANVIL"
    insurance din yan, same modus ingat din kayo.

  61. I haven't investigated this matter thoroughly yet, but from what I've read in some comments it would seem as though this Philippine Prudential privilege offered by one Mr. Louie Aguilar (w/c I also received in my Sun Broadband Inbox Messages on Dec. 06, 2010) is a sham and shame to say the least. Having said that I will now tell you guys what each of us must do and what I Will in fact Do; that is to cooperate with authorities concerned with such issues. For Example: Report your experiences to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Anti-Money Laundering Branch and to other accountable parties like Police Intelligence and so forth. I would also recommend that we inform the Mainstream Media(GMA; ABS-CBN). For the love of goodness, let us all act on this TENACIOUSLY. I thank and admire you all for sharing your stories, but please don't stop there. May the Lord God bless all your efforts and you as well.

    1.Try calling the number given (7551532) using different names & inform them u received the same notification & they will give you the same story. This disproves that the raffle is limited to 30 persons only & shows the same modus operandi
    2.They dont allow you to have the rewards picked up by an authorized representative, even with SPA – this is because they need the cardholder to sign so that his credit card can be swiped/charged
    3.Notifications thru text messages are bogus, neither does it indicate any DTI# permit

  63. I have also a problem about the education benefits for heritage plans of my daughter.They said, we will pay the tuition fees first and request for reimbursement from the company, but until now, (closing of the 2nd semester is approaching) we haven't receive the said reimbursement. They wrote that the request of payment will have to be done first through the Trustee Banks before benefits could be released to us. We submitted all the documents to the Prudentialife Plans, Inc. in Bacolod City but still everytime we ask the office their response "no check yet".Whose fault is this? the Prudentialife Plans, Inc. or the Trustee Banks? Please take immediate attention to our problem. Thank you.

  64. Last feb 23, nsa megamall kme ng friend ko tapos napunta kmi s 5th flr, meron dung gurl from prudential life tapos yun nagtanong kung my credit card ba kami, sabi ko meron.. tapos sbe nya may regalo daw kami, at pwede rin kmng manalo ng cash and a car. Klngn lang dw tapusin yung 45mins. so sumunod kme kc kla nmn wla kmng babayaran.. kc lbre daw eh, mkkng lng kme.. tps ng pinapasok na ako sa loob ng office nla with an agent, dun na nagsimula yung agent na magtanong tanong at mag share ng kng ano2ng story about planning and saving money for the future. Naninwala nmn ako kc tama sya, tps nbnggt nya n meron daw easy way to earn money, at srli ko msmong bnk accnt yung ggmtn. Yun n pla yung endowment policy. ilng beses nya ko tinanong kung gusto ko bang i try yun, ok daw kung papayag yung bank, pero kng idedecline ng bank, wla dw kme mggwa. sbe ko ok sna un kya lng my mga klngn ako pgka gastusan ngaun. pg sinasabe ko yung mga reason ko, ng eexplain nnmn sya tps ngssbe sya ng mga stori pra mapapayag ako. hnggng sa huli nakulitan ako, sbe ko ok lng i try.. akla ko nmn titignan lng nla kng papayag ba yung bank, tapos nagulat ako bgla ni swipe yung credit card ko, worth 9660 yung ni swipe nila. ibg plng sabhin ng agent, kpg meron png balance yung credit card ko, ok.. pero kung kulang, reject.. DAng it! wla n qng ngwa nn kung di mag fill up ng mga form n pnkta nla tapos my video p pra my proof n pumayag dw ako at naintndhn ko. Though ska ko lng nlmn yung tungkol dun s endowment plan ng na swipe na yung card ko. Kaya ngayon iniisip ko na ipa cancel yung inavail kong plan sakanila.. Pwede po ba yun? marerefund ko ba lahat ng pera ko?

  65. Hit em hard mga pare! I will look for somebody at the DTI and lead them to this link.

  66. Naranasan ko rin ang mga modous nila.. Nung pumunta ako ng mall hinarang rin ako ng isang lalaki siya raw c Bogs tinanong nya ako kung meron dw ako credit card sabi ko naman meron tapos nabigla ako nung sabihin nyang"CONGRATULATIONS MAM MY CHANCE KANG MANALO NG HONDA CIVIC AND TRIP ABROAD..kelangan ko lang dw mag attend ng 45 min. presentation nila tapos dinala na nya ako s office nila dun mismo s mall..dun nila sinimulan ung presentation nila convincing me about the good future of my family kung papayag akong i swipe nila yung card ko depende nman dw s bracket n ini offer nila yung pipiliiin ko basta s makakayanan ko lng,kasi hindi raw sila Insurance kundi hinihikayat lng daw nla at tinuturuan ng magandang paraan kung paano dapat mgtipid ang tao thru Trust fund. I swipe lng dw nila ung card ko tapos depende pa raw s bank kung i allow nila o i decline.Nung hindi ako pumayag at sinabi kong dami pa akong dapat bayaran,eh nag iba n yung mood nila tinawag na nila yung supervisor at ngdiscuss din ito pareho nung nauna kasi dw baka hindi ko naintindihan tapos dami pa nilang pinakitang mga pictures nung iba nilang client n ng invest daw a kanila puro professional daw ang mga yun..nung hindi pa rin ako pumayag tinatanong na nila ako kung bakit ayaw ko talaga, kesyo siguro daw mayaman na ako at hindi ko na kailangang magparami ng pera.Nairita na ako s puntong yun nung nag insist na akong umalis,nairita na rin yung supervisor nila sakin at pinahiya nya ako s mga tauhan nya sabay sabing "NAPAKITID TALAGA NG UTAK NG BABAENG ITO HIRAP MAKAINTINDI".Hindi parin ako pumayas at umalis na lng ako..Sana man lng gumawa n ng hakbang yung government na tin na matigil na ang ginagawa nilang panloloko at huwag na rin silang payagan nung mga mall administrator to have business deal with them kasi nakakasira cila ng reputasyon nung mall sapagkat ini allow nila yung ganung tenants na gumagawa ng scam ng harapharapan s mga customer nila.It's a waste of time at kung mapapayag ka nila its a waste of money for you..Almost 2 hours akong nandun hanggang nagsara na yung mall kaya hindi nko nkapamili.

  67. feeling ko naman legitimate naman siguro ung PPLIC. siguro it's just the way of their agents na mali. to the point na niloloko na nila ung tao para makakuha sila ng customer (maybe because of quota or commission). wala naman na ngang choice ung tao kung nabawasan na sila ng pera kundi iavail ung inooffer nila. which is ang sinasabi ng mga agents is to validate lang ung cards (credit card or atm card) nila. kaya next time wag niyo basta basta ipagkakatiwala ung mga cards niyo. same as think before you act, think twice before you trust.

  68. anonymous, PPLIC is a legitimate company using marketing tactics bordering on the undethical. what happened to my officemate was really pathetic and uncoscionable.

  69. isa din ako sa policy holder ng phul preudencial life insurance.ganun din ang ngyari saken kung bket ako nakakuha ng ganyang policy.wala n ko nagawa kundi bayaran na.mag 2years decided n ako cancell n or terminate ko na.tapos sabe nila di ko makukuha ng buo ung nahulog ko na.parang 13k lng makukuha ko eh naka 42 k n ko nahulog.pls help me naman kung wat dapat ko gawen di namn ako makakapayag ganun lng makukuha ko matapos ang pinag hirapan ko..pls help me...

  70. wow!!! got same text today.

    Good Day! This is Ms. JANINE MOSQUEDA from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXECUTIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES for free are still here in our office.
    You will need to claim and Active TODAY. We are are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively in our Makati office from 9am to 5pm for further information.
    Tel. (02)7751532 upon receipt of this message. Many thanks and God Bless! (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

    I already doubted that this is a scam, so i quickly searched it on the web, and i found this website... nakakaloka nmn to... to think na magfifirst year death anniv na din ung father ko this coming sunday.

    This is not the best way to sell your product! Do it with INTEGRITY

  71. @Jets, that's exactly what happened to me.
    I got the text today and searched the web for the phone number to check if it's legit, and I found this site.

    Actually, I received the message through my company phone and not my personal number. So I already know that this is a scam. Much like any other text messages I receive on that phone, like application for loan and credit cards.

    People should not fall into this dirty trap that these banks/insurance companies create, even if we really do need money.

  72. ser mdam ano po ang dpat kong gwin at pullpaid na ako ,,5yrs to pay 10 yrs to wait..pero iniloan ko ng 3times pero sa huli ay di ko naibalik,,2007 ako nag reloan,,pension life,,,name ,,ariston sanchez centro east ballesteros,cagayan..payor,,lorna sanchez mrs,nya po at ako lhat ang nakaalam at ala kc ako ngaun sa bhay,,at d ko alam na may dumting na notice sa kin,,,sana po ma2lungan nyo ako kung ano ang dpat kong gawin,,pwede ko ba po ituloy or withdraw ko nlang po ang pera ko,na naihulog ko,,,amount,,250thousand pesos po ang naihulog ko,,thank you po,,sna po ma2lungan nyo ako,,nag mamakaawa lorna,,,pls,,reply

  73. @ jets and gee, same-here guys just received a text. thanks for the blog.

  74. This supposed FINAL NOTIFICATION FROM PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL is entirely a SCAM!!! This is unethical marketing strategy and in Insurance Code there must be utmost good faith. In this case, PPLIC is has committed bad faith! stay away from PPLIC!


    Hi, I’m from Davao and last week a woman named MELDRID called and told that I have free certificates that can be used to pay for laboratories, medicines etc. and said I would need to go to Phil Prudential Life Office located at PRYCE TOWER 6TH FLOOR and 3 Id’s to get it.

    So I went there and they assessed my requirement which i gave them, 2 IDs and a credit card (I carried it that time). Then they said that I can avail of the ANNIVERSARY PROMO that they had & I was given around 15 coupons for a chance to win P50, 000 that I would fill-up & drop in the promo box.

    I was really interested and an agent offered me to proceed to the room where she would explain the "mechanics"

    Before the conversation began, she asked me to fill up a form that asks what are my goals. After filling it up we talked.(summarized transaction)

    agent1: so your goals involve looking for a job and having a family

    me: yes

    agent1: but those things are uncertain, death is uncertain, you must be secured so that the family you hope will be secured

    me: but I have no family yet, I need money to feed myself first

    agent1: the money you will save is small and won’t affect your current budget for expenses. What do you like it to be: P50 a day or P1000 a day.

    me: ok, lets try P50, how will the computation go.

    agent1: goes to computer and submits a schedule of payments, premiums etc.

    me: P5,000 per 3 months is way too much for me since I have barely enough money to sustain myself. I will have to allocate some of my budget for my food, water, utilities etc. to pay this policy.

    agent: there is another way for you to avail this buy not using cash but instead your credit card.

    me: I will really have to think about this because I primarily use my card for online purchases for my little business and I wanted to cancel this card due to BDO & Mastercard problems.

    agent1: goes to the computer

    agent2: (out of nowhere), sir please sign.

    me: (now here is where I thought where I would get my "free certificates" and DID NOT READ the paper he gave to me. So I signed the paper and later did I know that it was a WAIVER. A waiver that allows them to deduct from my credit card to pay for the policy.)
    agent1: (back on scene); May I borrow your credit card sir?

    I was already helpless here because I signed the waiver and this agent quickly went to charge my credit card. She came back quickly giving me my receipt and I signed it.

    Feeling helpless since they already deducted from my credit card went on to complete the forms. I was a bit low from this time because I was scammed but I knew I can ask them FORMALLY to cancel my policy with a little research.

    I searched the net for days and followed one instruction on how to cancel the policy and get them to refund.

    After a couple of days, I went to the office, gave them my cancellation letter and asked for a full refund.


  76. At the office, Agent1 was a little surprised that I came back to the office. I gave them the cancellation letter and asked them to fulfill it. She was a little teary eyed here by then, went to the manager's office and asked for advice.

    As a way to blanket the conversation of the manager and agent1, the front desk played a commercial of the firm and set the volume to high. I however, moved closer to the door where the conversation took placed and distracted the front desk by asking for DTI business plates, names etc.

    After 3 mins. Agent1 asked me for an "evaluation of my reason" for a bout 30 mins inside the same room which took place before. I quickly said to her that the conversation can took place here and asked for what kind of evaluation. She gallantly explained that the explanation for why to cancel would need to be clarified.

    *A clear delaying tactic here and the manager gave this order to the agent. And probably gave her 30 mins to make me undo my decision*

    Me: Ok let’s go, your 30 mins starts now.

    After an HOUR at the room, all her explanation succumbed to my explanation that I cannot pay for the policy and I would not have enough money to pay for my credit card,food,water, shelter due to this.

    She then asked me to proceed to the Manager's office where the FORMAL request of cancellation will be accepted. (This is probably their last choice of convincing me to retract my decision.)


    Manager: So your reason is that you cannot pay for this policy.

    Me: Yes, that is my reason.

    Manager: Let us compute your budget for food etc.

    Me: *shaking head* No, I dont want that anymore. I had computed it a couple days a go. I don’t have enough resources to pay that policy. And I wish to TERMINATE the policy.

    Manager: We cannot terminate your policy, only after a year of payment.

    Me: *shows printed copy of Pre-need Act of the Philippines* But it says here that I can cancel my insurance whenever I want. And I have not read in the policy any mention of TERMINATION nor CANCELLATION. If there is so, please underline it for me sir.

    Manager: Oh, so you mean CANCELLATION. We have a different meaning here in the firm regarding TERMINATION and CANCELLATION.

    Me: Yes, What I would like to ask of you is the cancellation of my policy and the full refund of my initial deposit.

    Had a long discussion here regarding mismatch of savings and expenditures and lengthy explanation of my reasons. But they gave up here at the moment.

    Manager: I understand sir. Please give us 30-45 days to submit this to the head office and cancel you policy and refund the amount.

    Manager left the office, and the agent, a little teary eyed left too. After 5 mins. An employee gave me the cancellation letter copy that was signed by the Manager.

    So here I am, waiting for for STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT with printed CANCELLED. And will call them every week to follow-up on the request. They assured me of 30 to 45 days and I am satisfied with that. If however they still did not cancel my policy and refunded the payment, I will surely take legal actions against them and I will give our mayor; MAYOR INDAY SARA DUTERTE a letter regarding the situation.

  77. Hello Guys..hahaha..kaka recieved ko lang ng notification...
    here's the actual txt from my SMART BRO as of ..2011-08-05
    time:9:44.33 am
    the Number sender is 09463466585

    The Message:
    Gud day! Ds s Mr. Catindig from PHIL.PRUDENTIAL.Ur 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here n our ofs.U need to Claim and Activate TODAY because the management will finalize all the records of our recipients who don't claim their rewards. For your claiming code w/u will need to present upon claiming;you may call exclusively in our makati ofs frm: 9am to 5pm for further information.Tel.(02)7551532 upon receipt of this msg.Many Thanks and GodBless!

    i just wonder why na bakit nila alam ang Smart Bro number ko.? is there something may agent cla or something sa mga bayad center may contact cla or sa smart mismo na insider na puede nilang kunan ng mga info's,numbers etc..
    one thing na nakaka tayo ng balahibo dito ay they used the name of stated below "GOD BLESS"...How come na gagamitin nila ang word na yun sa mga panloloko..
    Pambihirang mga tao yan..makaloko lang gagawin lahat paraan..
    hanapan mo ng ID at mga info's mga tao na yan baka maraming mga id's and names ang ginagamit nila eh..
    kaya beware na lang kayo..
    style nila ito since 3 years ago pa..kawawa lamang ang mga naloloko nila..
    anyway i just sharing din naman sa inyo ito para aware din kau na until now gumagawa pa rin silang mga ganitong gawain...

  78. Sabi rin nya no limit daw ang certification kahit ilang taon at transferable din daw ito.Tinanong ko sya kung maybabayaran ako sabi nya wala daw basta magdala lng daw ako ng valid ids at sa account ko.Sabi ko ok punta ako dyan, binigyan nya ako ng adress some where in keppel center cebu business park.Pero tinanong ko muna yong husband ko bago ako makipagkita sabi nya walang ibinibigay kung walang kapalit.Lalo na sa hindi mo kakilala. Kaya hindi nlang ako pumunta kung totoo sila o hindi basta ako iwas ako sa anumang problema

  79. scam po yang PPLIC nayan. yan yung mga nasa mall naghahanap sila ng mga mukang mayayaman or mga nagwowork sa office para magoyo nila. sasabihin nila libre promotion lang daw ng company nila tapos pag matagal na usapan bebentahan ka nila ng insurance then haharassin ka nila pag tumanggi ka sa kanila....dapat may magawang hakbang para matigil na ang mga yan.

  80. Prudential Plans Inc. ba my problem? meron po kasi ako educ.plan dun started 2006 nakakuha naman po ako hanggang 2008, bale ang contract po nu 2006-2011 mag tatalong taon na kami hindi nkaka avail dahil nagkasakit ang planholder which is my mother,ngayon po balak n namen kunin lahat kasi end of contract nun sa oct.2011,mabuti naman at hindi scam dahil friendship ng mother at father ko ang area manager ng laguna branch, sayang din kasi ang almost 100k na naiwan dun kung hindi namen nakukuha para na din sa maintenance ng mother ko hus suffering from schizophrenia,ito nalang ang pag asa namen at nawaý makakuha pa kme worried din kc ilang taon din namen hinayaan nalng un.. sana po pagpalain tayo ng poong maykapal.. salamat po


    she also want to refund, Phil. Prudential Insurance is under insurance commission and according to them, PPLIC way of selling does violate their code/law thus can REVOKE their license, the period of refunding is already pissing off many people, so i hope they will simply CHANGE THEIR WAY cuz they wasting other precious time

  82. This is true. Someone named Yolly Recodig( Rewards Manager daw of Philippine Prudential Life) just called me and said that I have an unclaimed certificates of 2 educational certificates and 1 medical certificate from their very secured referal system and privileges for free. She said to bring 2 valid IDs and a credit card. Sabi niya until today lang tapos nung sinabi ko na hindi ako available, she voluntarily said na ireresched na lang niya. Grabe talaga! Buti na lang hindi ako pumunta. Her number is 09232068881. Beware!!!

  83. hello:
    just received same text notification today...pumunta ako sa office nila to claim my rewards na sinasabi nila... am happy coz i got my 3 rewards... they didn't deduct any single centavo from my credit card.... i ask thier agent to let me think about thier proposed plan to me....kaya nga ako nag search dito sa net,pero nagustuhan ko talaga yung plan nila maraming benifits not unlike sa iba matitigok kana pero wala ka manlang makukuhang benifits, sa kanila meron eh.anyway babalik parin ako bukas...kukuha ako ng plan na afford ko lang.

  84. Just now...i received a txt msg from MR Randy Caballero, from philippine prudential daw....meron daw aq 3 exclusive rewards...pero d p nmn aq nag-aavail ng kahit anung life plans....SCAM Talaga to...

  85. Hi guys, when i got the sms from Ms Victoria David of PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL, i thought of searching this company in the internet and it looks like this is a SCAM. Exactly same message i got were posted here since 2007.
    The Message:
    Gud day! This is Ms. Victoria David from PHIL.PRUDENTIAL.Ur 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here n our ofs.U need to Claim and Activate TODAY because the management will finalize all the records of our recipients who don't claim their rewards. For your claiming code w/u will need to present upon claiming;you may call exclusively in our makati ofs frm: 9am to 5pm for further information.Tel.(02)7551532 upon receipt of this msg.Many Thanks and GodBless!

  86. makikita nyo din dito kung scam sila..

  87. hello din po:
    also received same text notification today.

    FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. JANINE MOSQUEDA from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here in our office You need to Claim and Activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively in our Makati office from: 9am to 5pm for further information. Tel. (02)7551532 upon receipt of this message. Many Thanks and GodBless! (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

  88. OMG, I just received a text message today from the number 09463145151, Saying he is Mr. Padilla from Philippine Prudential and was informing me that I am entitled for 3 Exclusive Rewards and Privileges for Free and needs to be claimed daw within the day,,,

  89. they are on the work again. take note of this phone number with the sender identifying herself as janine mosqueda. 09463466597 landline 7551532

  90. is different from

  91. This is a big scam, beware. Wag paloloko sa mga luku-luko. Kilabutan kau. Wag nyo gamitin God's name sa mga panloloko ninyo.

    Anyway may karma naman.

    to all recipient of this similar and the same message check first at the internet to be sure.
    Kc hanggang may naloloko mga yan di yan titigil.

  92. good thing i typed in the name of Phil Prudential and Janine Mosqueda... and these thread comes out...

    here's the msg i received just a couple of minutes ago, i wonder though how they got my number since i'm using a new one...

    FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. JANINE MOSQUEDA from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here in our office. You need to Claim and Activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively in our Makati office from 9am to 5pm for further information. Tel. (02)7551532 upon receipt of this message. Many thanks and God bless! (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

    Matindi talaga ang kalokohan!!! may God bless pang nalalaman, di man kinilabutan!

  93. i also got the same message.. akala ko totoo na talaga, coz i have a friend na nakatanggap talaga ng certain rewards from prudential life (DATAMEX scholarship) at pinakikinabangan na nila ngaun. ang nakakapagtaka lang e, bakit hindi ba nila pwedeng i-forward sa other office yung certificate kung totoo nga un.
    Good thing i searched the net regarding this message i received. (sayang sa load coz i called them, taught its real..
    May God just bless them so they won't be continuing this kind of wrongdoings...

  94. nakakapagtaka my dad told me that he thought he won a scholarship for me good thing i searched the internet and found out that a lot of people were scammed by these people....

    FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. VICTORIA DAVID from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here in our office. You need to Claim and Activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively in our Makati office from 9am to 5pm for further information. Tel. (02)7551532 upon receipt of this message. Many thanks and God bless! (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

  95. OMG i had receive also the same message..tsk!!!buti nlng..naopen ko 2ng site n2...hmf!!!

  96. I also received the same message. I called her up and she explained to me about the rewards. Asked for 3 valid ID's and credit card or ATM. Also asked her where did they got my Smart number, and because I did mentioned my PNB ATM card then she said maybe from PNB. She said they will call me tomorrow. Gladly I searched the web and found this site.
    Thanks very much...

  97. malas nmn nd muna ako nag search s net bgo kmi nagpunta dun.naloko kmi ng mga hyop n un scam lng pla.
    ask lng po paano b mlalaman kung 22o an pinsok mong life insurance? tnx!

  98. I also got one, but now their address is in Sta Rosa Laguna....

  99. i received a txt message informing me to claim my rewards for using my credit cards. gift checks includes datamex scholarship for 2 yrs. then other GC are for beauty and health..i told the agent that i will let our messenger get it but they told me that only me can get it because they need to see my credit cards...haynako talga tong mga scammers na to! maghanap nmn kayo ng ibang raket aside sa panloloko

  100. ang kulit nila..4 times na nila ko tinwagan regarding this 3 EXCLUSIVE panlimang call,mumurahin ko na sila!!!

  101. Got the same message. Just got it from 0923-735-7716.

    I replied with "screw you". -_-; these bastards. tss.

  102. march 03 2012 sat my daughter texted am hungry have not eaten lunch only coffee meet me sm fairvew so we met at racks ordered fud she ask if we have cash my husband said he hasnt that was 6:59pm she went to an atm BUT she did not come back i was worried called texted every minute but could not reach her so we paid the bill thru credit card we allerted SM security it was their SALE 3 day promo so we have a hard time looking for her i was so persistent calling her mobile evry minute so was my husband who was feeling well that time . i knew he was worried but did not show it. FINALLY 8:44 PM SHE ANSWERE MY CALL TREMBLING IM HERE IN FRONT OF TIME ZONE TELL DAD TO FETCH so i called my husband to ask security where is that time zone its in ground floor near ace hardware what would our daughter do there . my husband got suspicious he saw PPLIC he barge in shouting calling our daughters name THERE SHE WAS SO PALE TREMBLING "DAD THE GOT THE MONEY 86,000.00 PESOS. THEY SWIPED HER CARD AND PRESTO THEY TRANSFERRED THE MONEY. they dont have HEARTS they are not human beings they dont have respect for GOD how could they do such a deceitful marketing tactics. my husband told them to cancell whatever papers our daughter has signed and surrender them to us but they would not. it was already past 9:00 in the evening so we had her fud packed and went home to come sunday to their office. I thank God she not harmed PRAISE THE LORD.

  103. MARCH 4;2012 Our daughter woke up we tried to let her recall what happen last night why she was there at PPLIC she said a homo(bading) tap her shoulders bubbling words she could not understand she said may dad is waiting we will be having dinner BUT HER SENSES FELT WEAK she was led groundfloor surrounded but people CLAIMING THEMSELVES PARTNERS OF BDO . They would like to chek on her ATM card she could not resist she felt weak whenever she attempt to stand up 2 people came tap her shoulders again and made to sit down again she they discuss things i dont understand such terms i never heard or not taken up in school. we went totalk to BDO MANAGER a girl shes so motherly and very accomodating to us told us they were not connected with PPLIC they are depositors only. but my daughter said the people there introduced themselves as BDO staff the uniform is the same the black with stripes so misleading BDO should chek on them. anyway the damage had been done all we want is the FULL REFUND OF THE MONEY 86,000.00 plus pinatos pa pati centavo i glimpse there centavos. we were told the refund would be given 30 to 45 days . I shouted no to much extend you swiped the ATM card in a jiffy minutes i think then why would it take you so long to refund. imagine the agony of a mothers who lost her daughter for TWO 2 HOURS without communication how would you feel. i was thinking why is is hard to communicate in there office is there a JAMMER on telecommunication i wonder because our daughter said she tried calling her dad but could reach him. I told PPLIC to expedite the refund coz every day counts the earlier the better to silence my complaints. right now we will be filing a formal complaint againsts the ABUSIVE DECEITFUL MARKETING TACTICS OF THE SALES STAFF. I have seen video of XXX re deceitful mktg tactics of PPLIC staff but have not gone thru if they have been corrected you they are all over SM scattered as if SEEDS OF SATAN SOWED IN THE VICINITY OF SM FAIRVIEW SOMEBODY HAS TO STOP THEM. ITS NOT THAT THE VICTIMS ARE IGNORANT OR DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE WORD THEY READ ITS THE PRESSURE BEING SURROUNDED WITH PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW ENTICING YOU TO EAT THE APPLE AND GIVE IN TO THERE TACTICS I THINK THEYRE USING THIS CHEMICALS TO WEAKEN ONES NERVES WHY DO THEY TAP OUR SHOULDERS THEN YOU FEEL LIKE SUBMITTING TO WHAT THEY DICTATES. PLEASE EXTEND THIS MESSAGE SO TO STOP THIS ERRONEOUS PRACTICE KAWAWA ANG TAONG BAYAN ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN THEY WORKED HARD FOR THEIR MONEY THEN IN A SPLIT OF SECONDS MA SWIPE UNG CARD DEDUCT 86,000.00 PARA SAN YON WALA CIGURONG PAPAYAG NA KUKUNIN UNG GANON KALAKING HALAGA KUNG NASA SOUND MIND KA. KAYA IN MY OPINION MAY HALONG BUDOL BUDOL DITO MAY PINAPAAMOY O NAHIPNOTIZE ANAK KO. DI DAW NYA ALAM BAKIT SYA SUNODSUNORAN. PLS HELP SPREAD THESE COMMENT. THANKS

  104. beware of this number who claimed she's from Phil. Prudential, 09231407684..her name is catherine de vera.. we should not be fooled by this crazy people and this SATANIC COMPANY..

  105. March 21..frm anonymous
    somebody sent me a TX message same the previous scam about Philippine Prudential i have to claim my prize.i ask them how do they get my name she said that they celebrated the 47 anniversary so they have given a life time insurance to the people of calabarson area. their office now is located at Sta Rosa Laguna Robinson branch 3rd floor.i was wondering why this people doing this kind of scam pity those people they will victimize...we are all Filipinos please scammers don't do this..the number of this scam er 09209679208 another three numbers are o495345677 0465345650 and 0495345670.address is Sta Rosa laguna Robinson branch. to the authority please check this place to stop their foolish work...

  106. well, i just received one of those shitty text messages containing those you mentioned. it sucks when people try to scma you when youre all down and sober from losing a lovedone.. bigtime bullshit by prudential..

  107. Just got a text message from 09053012544 saying that I need to call them at 5764059/5764063 to claim the rewards...

  108. i received the same message saying i won 3 rewards and i can claim it at 2nd floor coral's plaza azakoza complex ki. 21 brgy. ibayo marilao bulacan in front of sm city marilao and marilao fire station. just bring 3 valid id's and atm or credit for additional rewards' 5 ticket's which will be drawn tomorrow...

    their hotline #'s are : 044-8158807, 044-7112379, 044-2388328 and 044-8158549

  109. I also received a text message this morning re: NOTIFICATION (and surprise... my full name!... and where did they get my name from?) stating, "we would like to remind you Monday, to receive your free scholarship benefits, and family insurance benefits cert. w/ no obligation, transferable, no expiration, to join Cash Pabuenas worth 50K fr. Visa and Master, and other benefits, reference no. RMT-2822 at 22nd Flr, RAFFLES Gold Bldg., Emerald Ave, Ortigas. pls call 02-9140459 and look for Jin Ramirez and Patricia Gomez, releasing officer, Rewards Dept., Phil. Prudential Life. Thanks and Good day!"

    Grabe na ang mga manloloko ngayon ano??? tsk!tsk!tsk! mga walanghiya!

  110. i got the same message pagkagising ko this morning from this number:0905-3902833, papupuntahin daw ako sa office nila sa Ortigas??? at talagang bukas na bukas din ha? mga lokong to, akala e taga-Mindanao ako madali na akong lokohin! naku! bad trip tuloy... ang ipinagtataka ko po: papaano nila nakuha ang mobile number ko (na bago ko pa lang nagamit with my Globe postpaid plan?) at pati na buo kong pangalan??? grr... wala na talagang respeto sa kapwa itong mga taong ito!

  111. Just got a call from Philippine Prudential saying I won something. I asked how they got my number they said it's confidential! Confidential my ass! SCAMMERS! You and your family is cursed!!! Whatever you do unto others it will be done to you and your family unto the fourth generation!!! The evil that you do to steal other people's hard earned money, your family will pay for. Liglig, siksik at umaapaw ang sumpa sa pamilyo niyo dahil sa kademonyohan niyo mga SCAMMERS!!!

  112. Thanks for this blog and comments. I was about to go to their office tomorrow but i guess i wouldn't anymore.:) 3months ago, someone from PrudentialLife texted me that i won rewards (scholarship and insurance) and that i should claim them in their office in Ortigas. I was skeptical because i know i didn't join any raffle or whatsoever and how the hell did they get my no.? I was still a student at that time. I ignored the text. 1month later, a woman called me and reminded me of my rewards and asked me if i could visit the office to claim it. It was the day before my grad so i was really busy but i said i'll go to their office after my grad day. I didn't because i got lazy and felt too tired. And now, 2months later, somebody called me again, named "Clarence" from PruLife and was reminding me again about the text 3months ago and my rewards. I was really thinking of giving it a try since i thought that, if this is a scam, and if they try to ask me money, i couldn't give them any because i've just graduated and currently looking for a job. When Clarence knew i was young and had just graduated, maybe she assumed, i had no work, therefore no credit card, she sounded a little disappointed over the phone but nevertheless, continued to invite me to their office at 22nd Raffles Corporate Center, emerald avenue, ortigas, pasig city. I told my bf and mother about this, just in case, anything happens to me....:) Then, I decided to google about it first for precaution. I can relax now since i will not be going to my "suppose" meeting with them tom at 3pm anymore. I don't want to waste my time. Thanks to this blog. Helped me realized it's just really a scam because nothing is free in this world anymore. And come to think of it, how will i win, if i didn't even join? I'm sorry PruLife scammers but you texted/called the wrong person. I am not that stupid. :)

  113. Thanks for this blog and comments. I was about to go to their office tomorrow but i guess i wouldn't anymore.:) 3months ago, someone from PrudentialLife texted me that i won rewards (scholarship and insurance) and that i should claim them in their office in Ortigas. I was skeptical because i know i didn't join any raffle or whatsoever and how the hell did they get my no.? I was still a student at that time. I ignored the text. 1month later, a woman called me and reminded me of my rewards and asked me if i could visit the office to claim it. It was the day before my grad so i was really busy but i said i'll go to their office after my grad day. I didn't because i got lazy and felt too tired. And now, 2months later, somebody called me again, named "Clarence" from PruLife and was reminding me again about the text 3months ago and my rewards. I was really thinking of giving it a try since i thought that, if this is a scam, and if they try to ask me money, i couldn't give them any because i've just graduated and currently looking for a job. When Clarence knew i was young and had just graduated, maybe she assumed, i had no work, therefore no credit card, she sounded a little disappointed over the phone but nevertheless, continued to invite me to their office at 22nd Raffles Corporate Center, emerald avenue, ortigas, pasig city. I told my bf and mother about this, just in case, anything happens to me....:) Then, I decided to google about it first for precaution. I can relax now since i will not be going to my "suppose" meeting with them tom at 3pm anymore. I don't want to waste my time. Thanks to this blog. Helped me realized it's just really a scam because nothing is free in this world anymore. And come to think of it, how will i win, if i didn't even join? I'm sorry PruLife scammers but you texted/called the wrong person. I am not that stupid. :)

  114. andito sila ngayon sa Gensan
    natawagan ako
    buti nlang nagbasa muna sa net tungkol dito
    at ito nga: "prudential life rewards 49th year" lang ang tinatype ko sa google, lol ito lumabas mga reklamo

  115. i got a message just now and it gets my attention so i decided to search it in google. and i was surprised when i read this blog. this is the first time i got a message like this.

    from +639237357716 :

    FINAL NOTIFICATION : Good day! This is Ms. SHIELA REYES, from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES for free are still here in our office. You need to claim and activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively our Makati office from:9am to 5pm for further information. Tel. (02)7551532 loc.4033 upon receipt of this message. Many thanks and GodBless!

    internet is useful nowadays to know whether this thing is a scam or not. thanks to the blogger also.

  116. I received a text ust today 2:43PM, Jul11,2012 and here's the information:

    FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. SHIELA REYES, from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For free are still here in our office. You need to claim and activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively our Makati office from: 9am to 5pm for further information. Tel. (02) 7551532 loc. 4033 upon receipt of this message. Many tahnks and godbless. (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

    Upon receiving this message, I immediately called the said number and was endorsed with Vicky Ramilo. She told me that this was there anniv promotion and i need to claim my life plan coverage, 2yrs scholarship and a raffle cupon. She then told me to present 3valid IDS and asked me if I have with me my credit card.

    Thank you for this blog and I was saved from the scammers.



  117. i just received a text message from Philippine Prudential saying that i have 3 rewards and privileges still at their office and that i have to redeem them immediately to avoid forfeiture, good enough that i searched about it before falling into their scam.

  118. beware gensan people scammers is here already in gensan i just got a call from them kala nila maloko nila ako ay jmp building pa cla naka ofc ha...beware of this number

  119. matagal na nilang ginagawa yan we should put a stop to it para hindi na madagdagan ang mabibiktima nila. kawawa naman mga kababayan natin. hindi naman natin napulot yung pera na gusto nila kamkamin. tignan nyo yung ibang mga blogsites. nationwide na modus nila hindi lang text nasa mga malaking malls pa. sumbong natin sila sa media to put a stop to this. siguro sa mga goverment officials din para matigil operations nila. mukhang malakas sila sa insurance comission kaya hindi sila pinasasara.para silang desperado sa style nila na makabenta sana hindi pa sila paluge kawawa naman yung naniwala sa kanila. lets share this blog sa lahat para maging aware ang mga taong bayan lalo na sa provinces kun saan sila operate/


  121. Same here.. Got a call from "ms Patricia Gomez, releasing manager of rewards dept of prudential.. Called me for five times in an hour..saying that i have to claim my pending scholarships and other freebies at their office at ortigas.. Just an instinct..checked in the web! Scammers nga ba sila...

  122. got that message too regarding about my out they are here in gensan now renting at manny pacquiaos building....dont be fooled by this people.....

  123. i received many calls from them, scolded them everytime they call... sometimes i let my two year old son answer the phone when their number appears on our landline... that makes my son busy in a while... my son just hang it, do baby talk and drop the phone... if they call again, i just say hello and good bye .. every other day it happpens.

  124. i used to work as a telemarketer with this company. text brigade ang tawag nila sa ganyan

    Good day. Your REWARDS and PRIVILEGES for Free are still here in our office.You need to claim your Rewards and Privileges as soon as possible to avoid forfeiture. For further information you may call:
    from 9am to 6pm and look for Ms. Malou for assistance. Thank you.

    credit card lang talaga ang habol jan sa ganyan na offers. telemarketers are paid for "shows with card" meaning, di sila babayaran kapag nakapagdala sila ng client na walang card... the rate for a "show" is 50php for the first show, 100 for 2nd, 150 for third and so on for a day. pagkatapos nun they will have .14% commission for any sales na nagawa ng sales officer inside the mall. they will use all of the trickery they know para makuha nila ang credit card at magkasales. stay away from this company...

  125. Just early this morning, I received the very exact text message from the same cellphone number although different name of the lady.

    FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. Grace Alvarez, from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For free are still here in our office. You need to claim and activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who did not claim their rewards. For your claiming code that you will need to present upon claiming; you may call exclusively our Makati office from: 9am to 5pm for further information. Tel. (02) 7551532 loc. 4033 upon receipt of this message. Many tahnks and godbless. (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)

    I called their number but was not able to contact Ms. Grace Alvarez so I talked instead to the one who answered my call and it was Ms. Joy Lacorte. Similar to the experiences of most of you, I asked how they got my cellphone number considering that I just applied for SUN Cell Plan a couple of months ago and they could not answer directly. She just kept on telling me to come to their office to know all of the details. So I continued asking what are the rewards, etc. and what she just said to me are exactly the same things that were probably said to most of you in the past. I was asked to bring with me proofs of identification and she then came to ask me if I have a credit card and I asked why? She said that, if I have a credit card, there will be addtional raffle coupons for me hence, higher chance of winning. That's where I paused and did some research until I read this blog.
    I'm very grateful for the author of this blog who have shown concerns to us who were almost got fooled by these foolish scumbags!
    Thank you very much Sir! Hats off to you! You save my day, my time & of course my money.... :-)

  126. here gensan, they also texted me.. haha.. buti na lang nakita ko to..
    sabi pa nga nila na magpabook na daw ako ng schedule kung kailan ko daw kukunin ang rewards,,

    pero salamat talaga dito, tara isumbong natin ito sa media! :D

  127. got the same text. why are they still in existence? must be they still get lucky in duping poor Filipinos like us...


  129. As I read this blog i felt really sorry to all of you guys especially who still believing PPLIC.., Me too isa din po ako sa naloko I am also one of the Plan holder who currently living in Europe and about 65K din po yung nahulog ko I am wondering wala man lang ako natatanggap n reciept pero kaltas sila ng kaltas every month..nag doubt na ako and i check in internet.But since d ako ng stay ng pinas dko kagad n cancel yung plan.Kinancel ko ung plan last February 2011. Pinasa ko lahat ng requirements na kailangan pero to my dismay dna nga makuha yung pera. I need to give them i think mga 6000P extra pra makuha ko daw ang worth 6000K un nlang daw yung ma refund s pera.. So I decided to give out another 6000K..Then they give me a date pra makuha ko ang cheke.
    You know what happen?? 2 WEEKS BEFORE NG DUE DATE tumawag ang agent AT SINABI MAGPASA DAW AKO NG CANCELATION PAPER NA MAY SIGNATURE KASI WALA DAW DUN SA MGA yung pina kaimportante tsaka una n pingawa skin tapos wla daw.HOW COME?
    2.How long to process the cheque? binigay nila ang checke sa kapatid ko(with power of attorney)this mid August2012 but since my work ang sis ko sa Davao d kaagad n deposit, ng pumunta sa bangko kailangan ng voucher tumwag n nman ulet siya sa PPLIC. E email nlang daw.. Umabot ng 1 week wlang sagot
    3…Pinuntahan ng kapatid ko sa main ano ang sinagot??DI PA NA PROCESS!!!! tapos kailangan kausapin si JUAN,si pilato at ang aso..turo dito turo doon and in the end ganun parin ang kwento. 4.ang malupet di mahanap ang voucher kasi MATAGAL na daw WALA DAW SILANG HARD COPY.Hanggang sa n expired kahapon ang cheque Nov. 15 2012
    ….And guys hulaan nyo kung gaano na naman katagal yan expected nyo na 1 year or more na nman yan ang process. Palitan na lang daw ang cheque.Wow hahhaha



    ps. I also post same story in 2 website..I hope i can help you guys. ELLA

  130. gooooooooooooSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhh,,,,im so lucky,,bec one i day naglalakad kme,sa SM FAIRVIEW,my isang lalaki humarang smin na ngtanaong if my atm kame and i said yes,and he ask me if mgkano ang laman or if umaabot ng 6 thousand,and then sabi ko oo,and he ask me to show the resibo na my maroom akong 6000 pesos,and i show to him,,after that dinala nya kme,sa office nila,,me and my two bngay cla papel dun sa dalawang friends ko kxe wla clang work and then pinasok nla aq dun sa lood ng office nla at ng cmula ipaliwag lhat ng offers nla,,first ung lalaki sv kaya ko daw ba down ng 5000 sv ko madami aqng bayarin and besides bibili aq ng malate bag,,
    tas binabaan ung price,nging 2000,sv ko kakapusin aq if mgdodown ako ng 2000,tas sv nya anu ba ang importante sau ung bag or ung life m,his really crazy man,,i said to him its a good offer,pero di tlga aq pwd mgdown ng pera sa kanila,,and tlgang pinilit nla aq,hang sa sinabi ko kailangan ko ng umuwi kse my paxok na ko and almsot 2 hour na ko dun,,sabi nung lalaki mg isip k muna,,sv ko d tlga ko mg papawala ng pera sknla,and then my raffle cla para sa honda civic,nglalaro aq dun,pgkatapos ko sv ko uuwi na ko,sv ng nung lalaki sige LUMAYAS KANA WAG KAN BABALIK KAHIT KAILAN,,
    sna maawa naman cla sa mg pinay or pinoy na nbibiktima nla hindi lhat ng tao na sumasali sa company nla ai madaming pero,,ka2lad ko ng nawowork lng aq as a factory worker,wat if i accept their offer, e d wlang nangyari sa pera ko,,,,im so happy
    hindi nla ko naisahan,

  131. That's why we should be very vigilant enough if we received text messages that we won a free scholarship, tumbler etc. We should be a keen observer if it's a fraud or not!

  132. Thanks to this blog! My dad just received a message today from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., saying my dad won from exclusive rewards and privileges from their raffle as Handog pasasalamat because they're celebrating their 50th anniversary. From the text message itself, which really sounds good and surely entices anyone, we could just fall to their tactics, good thing I decided to do some research first when my dad told me about it. And another thing, If they are only asking you to claim your reward, why ask for bank cards? I mean Personal ID would suffice for your identity verification if that is the purpose. Isn't it? So come to think of these things that may be unusual.

    Beware of SCAM!


  133. I think PLIC is not a scam, based on the things that I've read here, what's wrong with them is they continuously ask for credit cards and ATMs for their prospect clients that made them one of the insurance scam philipines.