Monday, May 07, 2007

Philippines Still Lacks a Cybercrime Law

This is a reaction to the featured article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer titledPNP slams lack of RP laws against cybercrime in which the PNP through the CIDG lamented the lack of cybercrime law in the Philippines due to the propensity of our lawmakers-- congressmen and senators-- to quarrel, destabilize, and criticize one another instead of make laws which is their raison d'etre.

I personally agree that this country needs a lot of laws to be drafted, not like the Manny Pacquiao saying we have enough laws that only need implementing. He's right though on the latter part.

I know the people lobbying and drafting the proposed cybercrime bill still pending, and not surprisingly, will again be relegated as low priority by lawmakers who prioritize disbursement of their pork barrel. What always happen is that sponsoring senators and congressmen would call hearings and hearings then bring the proposed bill to the bottom of the heap for the nth time.

I've experienced working with both the NBI Anti-Fraud and Cybercrime Division and CIDG counterpart group on certain cases in the past, even saw the NBI's modern equipment donated by the US (that only a few men knew how to use properly)

The proposed bill should be prioritized. RA8792, otherwise known as the E-Commerce Act is not enough to pin down miscreants on the net, but it doesn't mean that its passage can really deter evil men from doing their thing.


  1. if i do take up Law (which i am very undecided about as of the moment, being an incoming Political Science junior), i want to specialize in cyber law. i want it to be my niche as a lawyer.

    well thing is, they have to pass laws first. and you're right---knowing our politicians? most of them prolly don't use the internet in the first place, busy with squabbling and other misdeeds.

  2. hey liz,

    perhaps someday we'll cross paths in some cybercrime case :)