Friday, April 20, 2007

TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

The what?

never mind the long name; simply call it TENS. TENS is simply application of very mild electric shock to certain parts of the body to ease pain.

This process, which feels like a tingling sensation, claims to relieve pain although modern studies are still inconsistent to its efficacy.

what I know and feel is that the mild electric sensation simulates a massage and leaves my back, suffering from chronic back pains, asking for more after the twenty minutes of therapy.

Back in college,I experimented with a DIY TENS gadget bought in kit from in Manila and right now my sister is using one.


  1. looks relaxing.
    i have seen similar set-up for ECG.

  2. Is it done with doctor's supervision?

  3. Iskoo, what's on my back were actually two TENS devices since my sister found out i can stand electric currents (nasanay na siguro sa lagi nakuryente dati)

    rhodora, nope. no doctor present. my sis is a physical therapist. sometime they also use the device on stroke victims to make muscles move

  4. hhmmm.... ano kaya ng principle ng device n yan...

  5. where can i buy one?? plz reply. tnx

  6. gemian, lots of them sold in medical stores along bambang street in sta. cruz manila near LRT bambang station :P

  7. Cool! It's good to hear that you experimented on a DIY gadget. These TENS units are effective treatments that everyone is using these days.