Saturday, April 28, 2007

JAP: Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet

Here's one of the new (relatively, that is) way to stay anonymous in the Internet by hiding your true IP address and instead show a single IP address shared by many users. JAP works more securely in anonimizing when there are more users of the system.

A simple installation is required where you configure the port number to be used by JAP to accept connections (default is 4001) then you point your browsers to use localhost and port as proxy.

There is an option to use a proxy for JAP (when you're forced or want another layer of proxy to hide) that is absent from another anonymizing technology TOR that I already blogged of here.

More information can be found at the JAP website plus links to the downloadable installer here.

Remember always: Anonymity is not a crime!


  1. ayos to ha!pwede rin ba gamitin ito para di ka mahuli kung gusto mo mag download? hehe

  2. im sicking tired of finding free sites of "JAP Anonimity" ginagamit ko ito noon 2006 pa but my files are at home. im now in a country that sites are blocked. f there's anyone who can help me pls. can you share ur installer file including the patch. tnx & more power to all my e-add