Monday, April 02, 2007

Add "Read More" Feature to Blogger (Expanding Posts)

Maybe you've noticed my Tutubi Patrol now has the new look and feel where I abbreviated the posts and added the "Read More" (actually a pagebreak) link to expand the posts on a separate page for Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

This expandable feature is what I root for in Blogger that Wordpress already have so I almost migrated this blog to Wordpress here but now I decided to continue using Blogger for some reason.

One of my Blogger friends, R.O. (actually we're friends way before this blog thing came aboout) asked me sometime ago how to do it but I didn't point him to the exact link nor did it myself. But since I'm now approaching the first anniversary of my blogs, I decided to give my Tutubi Patrol blog a facelift by making use of a new template and adding the "read more" to expand my posts thereby compressing the mainpage to save on bandwidth and agony for dial-up visitors.

Since my Tutubi Patrol site is still using the classic template, I only need to add a few lines of CSS code to my template as described in this article by Blogger and manually edit each post to insert the pagebreaks. Note I also enabled postpages for this feature to work.

If any of you need help in making a similar change to your blog, just drop a comment here and the tutubi will be seen hovering near you to help you out!

I will also make similar changes to this blog so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi,

    I like the template that you use for Specifically, I like the 3 column format wherein the blogger can use the left and right sidebars for a lot of things (adsense, links, ads, etc..). I also like the expandable messages and the flexibility to put banners above and below the posts.

    By the way, I followed blogger's suggestions on how to modify the templates in order to make the posts expandable but there was no effect, whatsoever.

    I can't find your email address so please email me at and I will explain what I did. Thanks!