Monday, February 05, 2007

Vacuum Tube Gizmos

Found these vacuum tube amplifiers in a shop in Singapore that really looked trendy:

These vintage amplifiers are often sought after by musicians due to their warm, fuzzy sound never duplicated by their modern solid-state counterparts. Something to thank for for their continued existence.

I remember when I was a child, we we have a vacuum tube tv that I took apart and played with the tube that looked like those in a Physics book pictures. I took the tubes to a local electronics repair shop to ask around due to my insatiable curiosity. The electronics technician smiled when I showed him the tubes saying they're obsolete already and instead knowing my parents offered me apprenticeship in his shop.

About a month later, due to reading and excitement, I was able to assemble my first radio. Another two weeks and was able to fix my first television.

Got hooked into electronics and since then I know what I'm gonna be someday: an electronics and communications engineer.

That was 21 years ago when I'm still in my elementary days. Many children are playing in the streets while I was tinkering with electronics and enjoying the smell of molden lead used in soldering.

Now I'm thinking of resurrecting my old hobby.

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