Thursday, January 18, 2007

The DIY Canon Remote Control

I need a cable release controller for my Canon 300D fast for the 2nd Pyro Olympics to in SM Mall of Asia.

I got myself film caps similar to my film camera days to serve as enclosures for the 2 switches- 1 for focus and another for the shutter release.

Materials used:

2 - push button switches, normally open
1 - baby plug (similar to those in headphones)
2 meters of 3 wired cable
1 enclosure (up to you)

all I needed to do was assemble the two switches on my chosen casing.
Solder them together in series with ground conector of the jack soldered to one end

the casing I used in my project, freely available and did a wonderful job unnoticeable to most people :)

Imagine the cost savings I got aside from the feeling of accoplishment I have of all my other DIY stuff


  1. Wow ... pretty good!

    Here I am to this day waiting for Nikon to have one available for my D80 :(

  2. Wowww! Galing-galing! I hope I can have a camera of my own so I can also improvise. :)