Thursday, January 18, 2007

The DIY Canon Remote Control

I need a cable release controller for my Canon 300D fast for the 2nd Pyro Olympics to in SM Mall of Asia.

I got myself film caps similar to my film camera days to serve as enclosures for the 2 switches- 1 for focus and another for the shutter release.

Materials used:

2 - push button switches, normally open
1 - baby plug (similar to those in headphones)
2 meters of 3 wired cable
1 enclosure (up to you)

all I needed to do was assemble the two switches on my chosen casing.
Solder them together in series with ground conector of the jack soldered to one end

the casing I used in my project, freely available and did a wonderful job unnoticeable to most people :)

Imagine the cost savings I got aside from the feeling of accoplishment I have of all my other DIY stuff

Thursday, January 11, 2007

De-noising Photos Using Neat Image

Removing noise from pictures due to high ISO or long exposure in 4 quick steps:
A trick I leaned lurking in various digital photography forum

Download the freeware copy of Neat Image here and install.

Fire up Neat Image and select the image to be cleaned

Click the "Device Noise Profile" tab. For illustration purposes and speed click on "Auto Profile" where a sample area would be chosen

Click "Noise Filter Settings" tab then Preview. The noise filter setting will be applied to the image area. Note you can actually tweak the settings here.

One the Desired result is found, click Save Output Image tab then save the resulting image.

Note the freeware version can only save lossy JPEG format. Buy the licensed one to process in other formats.

Always better though to avoid using high ISO settings for less noise (something hard for me since i'm using just the basic camera kit lens which is slow and crappy)