Sunday, November 19, 2006

Resurrect a Dead MP3 Player

Sometime ago I bought an MP3 player at the (in)famous 168 Mall in Divisoria months before I acquired my iPod video. Only a few months and the MP3 player acted up dead with sign of a dead battery so I decided to perform a procedure I did similarly with my once-dead Palm Tungsten E

Using precision screwdrivers, I pried open the cover to expose the Lithium Ion battery inside that I brought to Greenhills to find a suitable replacement

unsoldering the battery from the protection circuitry

replace the battery and solder in place of the dead one

plugging the gizmo showed the graphic sign that my MP3 player is coming back to life

now this is going to be another "raket" if I really wanted to cash in on this :)


  1. Wow ... you really are quite adept at things electronic. One of my older brothers used to take my toys apart and then put the pieces back together again -- witout my permission :(

    Can you hook up iPod to a car stereo?

  2. iPod to a car stereo?
    that'll just be like buying the adapter look like a cassette tape then plugging it into the iPod?

    new cars like the Civic has that one. I have an iPod video but not yet a car. been delaying getting one since I prioritize more important things

    i know what your brothers are like-- they "butingting" everything!

    I'm an ECE, btw