Sunday, November 05, 2006

Of Viruses and Corrupted Memory Cards

Went to Cubao to check on something and to print a few pictures required for a business permit application

with my super point-and-shoot cam, i rushed to the photo printer and handed my memory card to the attendant. I only needed to print 4 pictures so i had to select another 7 ones to print to as not shell out P50 to defray the media handling fee.

during that time a group of three persons were arguing with the owner over a corrupted memory card and feeling sorry for the lost pictures (and memories that came with it). The attendant kept on reminding the group, already irate, to backup their pictures and that memory cards can be corrupted and that there's nothing she can do to bring back their pictures.

Not that I regularly snoop around but I find it so hard not to due to their loud voices filled with frustration with the thought that I can help them by trying to recover their files. I successfully recovered files I saved from a USB drive corrupted by Windows 2000 and memory cards are no different if I have a card reader. The only problem is that I don't have a card reader for their card type since I can only accommodate CF, SD and MS. I hesitated to speak and offer my service to them since I don't want to be occupied with another distraction even if at the back of my mind I seriously consider making it another money making "raket" to support my uber-expensive hobby.

When I got home, I downloaded the pictures to my notebook when my AV warned me of a worm that copied itself to all folders of my memory card-- the PC of the photo printer infected my card with W32.Rontokbro.X@mm worm. I simply deleted the file as I know it's not a big deal but wary of the danger to others not so informed about computer security.

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  1. Now I know who to go to if any of my cards get infected :)