Monday, October 23, 2006

Torpark: anonymity on the go

If you're looking for the best in anonymity without the hassle of installation perhaps even in publicly accesible computers, give Torpark a try. Just download the compressed files here, unzipped in your PC or thumbdrive then fire up the executable with an onion icon.

It will first try to establish a network in the TOR network for anonymization much like proxy-chaining then start it's own Firefox. All private data is deleted after exiting the program.

Torpark is a portable combination of Firefox browser and TOR using onion routing i.e. your identity is cloaked by passing traffic through various nodes. Trying to trace your true IP address is like peeling away skins of an onion-- thus the name.

Caveat though are no scripting allowed for security and anonymity again (javascript from certain websites can capture your true IP address if you're not careful) and you somehow can't use the services of file uploaders like yousendit.

This is for you my anonymous blogging friends like R.O. and for those who want to post anonymously in public forums :)

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