Thursday, September 14, 2006

Firefox Download Manager Problem

I was trying to install Videora iPod Converter on a friends notebook but it keeps on nagging me to connect to the internet and download a 23MB, dotnetfx.exe, file over an archaic dial-up connection. The program will always prompt me for an error in connection even if the link is ok and so I have to start downloading all over again.

I searched the Net for the file to download it completely and found out it's the MS .Net framework. Attempting to get it using Firefox got me disconnected again in the middle and had to start again from the beginning.

poor dial-up user :(

At this stage, I decided to get Opera from here since I don't have my USB flashdisk with me that contains the usual tools I carry so I have no choice but to fetch it from the Net. File download took quite some time for Opera but when I installed it, I proceeded to get dotnetfx.exe from Microsoft.

Note I got disconnected twice but I only have to right click then resume downloading the file and worked ok.

Kudos to Opera for making such a fast browser and now free as in LIBRE!

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