Monday, September 11, 2006

Anti-keylogger plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer released

QFX Software, Florida startup, recently released a browser plugin named KeyScrambler for Internet Explorer to thwart keyloggers (malicious software that logs every keystroke made on the computer keyboard). The Personal edition is free for download at the company’s website and it protects all logins against keyloggers. The Professional edition protects all data typed for total protection. The new anti-keylogging tool is an invaluable addition to the IE users’ security as it protects all login pages and it does so by encrypting the user’s keystrokes at the kernel driver level, before keyloggers can record them. Download the trial here

Now this is something I wish is also available to Firefox and Opera since I only use Internet Explorer for updating my Windows and browse stupid IE-only sites like one of my online banking sites.

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