Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Airport Security Check Fiasco

Pinoys did it again!

The moment I read the news about a terrorism expert alledgedly was able to evade security checks at the airport and assemble a bomb, even if a dud. I was not amazed at the results or the brag since I also noticed how ineffective the "magic sticks" and "magic mirrors" and frisking at the airport. I anticipated what will happen next. And what I expected did happen-- the "expert" got the ire of authorities, his handler dropped him like a hot potato and now the "expert", identified later as Samson Macariola, recanted his tale to save his sorry ass.

The "expert" should know from the start that before he goes into a test like that he should possess the proper authorization to conduct such test and that the results of the test should be held sensitive or confidential and not to be announced to the media-- that's clear and present danger! The resulting panic, scare and backlash was expected of any thinking "expert".

It's the same situation in my line of work, called security testing. Such tests are performed to find loopholes that needed to be patched or mitigated but never announced to the public. Results are to be presented to proper authorities on a need-to-know basis.

To Samson, you've been betrayed again by Delilah because you really can't keep your mouth shut!

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