Friday, September 29, 2006

Send text messages to Globe/Smart/Sun using Googletalk

i know this is quite old but you can send SMS to your friends (and enemies) in the Philippines using Googletalk (or the gmail web interface that i'm using) simply by adding a contact using the format

it works!

replies from mobile phones are charged P2.50/message

Saturday, September 23, 2006

KeyScrambler with Firefox support released

QFX Software recently released a new version of their antikeylogger extension with Firefox/Mozilla support and i was testing it earlier on a test PC to check. Still don't know if it works though since I don't have a keylogger on hand.

what I noticed however is that since I have IE7 and Firefox1.5 fired up simultaneously, whenever I enter a URL in IE, the page will show as another tab in my Firefox. IE is also very slow. Weird huh?

Is this a bug? Let's see...

Donload latest version here

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Firefox Download Manager Problem

I was trying to install Videora iPod Converter on a friends notebook but it keeps on nagging me to connect to the internet and download a 23MB, dotnetfx.exe, file over an archaic dial-up connection. The program will always prompt me for an error in connection even if the link is ok and so I have to start downloading all over again.

I searched the Net for the file to download it completely and found out it's the MS .Net framework. Attempting to get it using Firefox got me disconnected again in the middle and had to start again from the beginning.

poor dial-up user :(

At this stage, I decided to get Opera from here since I don't have my USB flashdisk with me that contains the usual tools I carry so I have no choice but to fetch it from the Net. File download took quite some time for Opera but when I installed it, I proceeded to get dotnetfx.exe from Microsoft.

Note I got disconnected twice but I only have to right click then resume downloading the file and worked ok.

Kudos to Opera for making such a fast browser and now free as in LIBRE!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Anti-keylogger plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer released

QFX Software, Florida startup, recently released a browser plugin named KeyScrambler for Internet Explorer to thwart keyloggers (malicious software that logs every keystroke made on the computer keyboard). The Personal edition is free for download at the company’s website and it protects all logins against keyloggers. The Professional edition protects all data typed for total protection. The new anti-keylogging tool is an invaluable addition to the IE users’ security as it protects all login pages and it does so by encrypting the user’s keystrokes at the kernel driver level, before keyloggers can record them. Download the trial here

Now this is something I wish is also available to Firefox and Opera since I only use Internet Explorer for updating my Windows and browse stupid IE-only sites like one of my online banking sites.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Airport Security Check Fiasco

Pinoys did it again!

The moment I read the news about a terrorism expert alledgedly was able to evade security checks at the airport and assemble a bomb, even if a dud. I was not amazed at the results or the brag since I also noticed how ineffective the "magic sticks" and "magic mirrors" and frisking at the airport. I anticipated what will happen next. And what I expected did happen-- the "expert" got the ire of authorities, his handler dropped him like a hot potato and now the "expert", identified later as Samson Macariola, recanted his tale to save his sorry ass.

The "expert" should know from the start that before he goes into a test like that he should possess the proper authorization to conduct such test and that the results of the test should be held sensitive or confidential and not to be announced to the media-- that's clear and present danger! The resulting panic, scare and backlash was expected of any thinking "expert".

It's the same situation in my line of work, called security testing. Such tests are performed to find loopholes that needed to be patched or mitigated but never announced to the public. Results are to be presented to proper authorities on a need-to-know basis.

To Samson, you've been betrayed again by Delilah because you really can't keep your mouth shut!