Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cheap Battery Replacement for Palm Tungsten E

I'm a self-confessed techie that's allergic to gadgets and computers when not in the office. I don't like PDA's and fancy celphones like most people but when I was given a Tungsten E by a supplier for ordering a handful of LAN switches that came with one part of their marketing promo, I accepted it gladly but didn't actually use it.

Tried to sell that gizmo in various online stores but I only get disappointing offers so i decided to just wait. What I didn't realize was that the battery was already dead when i found someone who needed to use it. I brought the thing to Microwarehouse, the local distributor, and also to a service center in Makati but their staff informed me that indeed the battery just died on me but they can't repair it due to lack of spare battery. He however gave me an alternative to surrender my defective unit, pay $100 dollars and wait for PalmOne to replace it with a new one.

Now that is something, a hundred dollars is a lot of money in this part of the world that I refused his offer and thought of another way, the intrepid engineer that I am, that led me to open it up myself.

Luckily I have a T5 screwdriver that can open the thing that came with my T6 I use to tinker with my Nokia mobile phone. Guess what I really needed after a few trips to Greenhills to find a Lithium Ion battery that can fit inside the palm's case. Just unsoldered the old battery and the protection circuits and connected the new battery similar to the picture shown here.

Guess what! My palm's still working well after almost a year now and it cost me just P150 for the replacement battery instead of a hundred bucks!