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My Online Shopping and Customs Tax, Delivery Experience

I ordered a car On Board Diagnostics (OBD) from an online shopping website in China where I got the tool for $17.00 plus $19 shipping fee from FedEx (yes, the shipping is more expensive than the item) but the item is not available here nor it a similar tool is too expensive) I paid for the item using my Paypal accout, part of my earnings for my profitable main travel blog (than this pathetic and almost forgotten blog due to my lack of time) WHen FedEx called me up, I was informed that Philippine Bureau of Customs is charging me $30 as import duty or tax on my purchase, I simply mentioned that they can have my item, I don't want to pay such tax on improperly assessed tax. I have no issues paying taxes as long as it's fair but this one's just so like a highway robbery. I wonder if I can also do the same with Ali Express via DHL for my solar power needs


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Olympus Camera Service Center: Red Dot Manila Contact Number

If you're looking for latest information on Olympus digital camera repair like me, but only to buy a USB data cable for my Olympus Tough TG-2 IHS, try to call Red Dot Philippines at the following numbers Red Dot Philippines 1817 España Blvd., corner Prudencio St., Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Philippines Telephone Number: +63.2.708.9282 Fax : +63.2.522.7079 but the problem is that nobody's answering the damn contact number. I only need to inquire the price of the USB cable and if they have it I'm familiar with the place as I lived in Sampaloc, Manila for 10 years, college days and early corporate life. How to get there: From MRT Quezon Avenue, Cubao, GMA, Kamuning or North EDSA, just board a jeepney going to Quiapo and alight at the corner of Espana and Prudencio. from LRT Taft, take jeepneys going to Quezon City (Cubao, Project 3-2, Project 6/SM, Fairview, Project 8), alight at the corner of Espana and Vicente Cruz, then cross to the other side.


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PsExec Firewall Ports to Open

PsExec is a tool to replace telnet in Windows which basically lets systems administrators run command line remotely. It's maintained by Mark Russinovich under Microsoft Firewall to open and services/shares enabled: TCP Ports 135 and 445 Admin$ and IPC$ shares enabled


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Write Protect Error Olympus Camera: Tough TG-2

I didn't encounter this error in my old Olympus Tough waterproof camera but Toughie, my Olympus Tough TG-2 camera frequently has this "write protect" error The first time it happened at home and I was able to to fix it without really knowing why and how i did it. The second one happened just recently while I was about to jump out of the boat to snorkel near Magalawa Island in Palauig, Zambales. The dreaded write protect error showed much to my dismay What causes the write protect error? Some sites point to locked/write-protected SD card (memory card) but when I inspected my memory it's not locked/write-protected. On the second occasion I though my SD card is already full but when I put it into my Nikon DLSR camera, it's not yet full and still useable the real solution is really to take the memory card out of the camera then format it in a PC or another camera. If you have precious pictures already stored, copy the pictures first before formatting. I found out that the camera saved a corrupted file in the memory card, the file I wasn't able to cut and paste to my hard drive that's causing the error. I found no issues with the SD card but it may be defective. Lesson: bring another SD card to replace the card causing the write protect error of Olympus cameras. You'll never know when it will hit you just like me, just when I needed it most :(

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Manila: Tantra/Tantric Yoni Massage (Sensual for Women)

It's no joke but I have another skill I can say I'm no newbie but not claim to be a master, I can now do this sensual tantric yoni massage stuff :P tantric yoni massage what? it's a ritual, sensual massage where the receiver of the sensual massage is relaxed, made to breathe, body rubbed sensually then a massage of the yoni (Indian for vagina) to tease, and stimulate for about 20 minutes or more. the objective is not to obtain orgasm but to make it part of foreplay and intense arousal as part of sex. I was once asked by an online follower about this but I don't know anyone offering this tantric yoni massage in Manila. When I looked it up, it seems like I already knew how to do most of it if not for ritual and breathing requirements since I can find the G-Spot with ease. I only need to change my massage style from swedish/shiatsu/hilot to the sensual touch of tantric style. How about you, have you experienced tantric yoni massage or you want to learn how? Should you know of any tantric yoni massage service in Manila (Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, San Juan, Pasig, Pateros, Taguig, Caloocan, Navotas, Malabon, Pasay, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, do hit the comments, my online friend wants to know :P I don't offer my "extra service" though, I'm no male hooker :P


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Of Mobile Prefixes: Is 0947 Globe, Smart or Talk N Text Cellphone Numbers

Ever wondered in which cellular network a certain cellphone number is? Whether it's Globe/TM or Smart/TNT? Look no further, herewith is a list of cellphone number prefixes Smart or Globe? 0813 Smart 0817 Globe 0905 Globe/TM 0906 Globe/TM 0907 Smart/Talk N Text 0908 Smart/Talk N Text 0909 Smart/Talk N Text 0910 Smart/Talk N Text 0912 Smart/Talk n Text 0915 Globe/TM 0916 Globe/TM 0917 Globe 09175 Globe postpaid (mostly corporate accounts) 09178 Globe postpaid 0918 Smart 09188 Smart Postpaid 0919 Smart/Talk n Text 0920 Smart/Talk N Text 0921 Smart/Talk N Text 0922 Sun Cellular 09228 Sun Cellular Postpaid 0923 Sun Cellular 0925 Sun Cellular 0926 Globe/TM 0927 Globe/TM 0928 Smart/Talk N Text 0929 Smart/Talk N Text 0930 Smart/Talk N Text 0932 Sun Cellular 0933 Sun Cellular 0934 Sun Cellular 0935 Globe/TM 0936 Globe/TM 0937 Globe/TM 0938 Smart/Talk N Text 0939 Smart/Talk N Text 0942 Sun Cellular 0943 Sun Cellular 0946 Talk N Text 0947 Smart 0948 Smart/Talk N Text 0949 Smart/Talk N Text 0973 Extelcom 0974 Extelcom 0977 Next Mobile 0979 Next Mobile 0989 Smart/Talk N Text 0994 Globe 0996 Globe/TM 0997 Globe/TM 0998 Smart 0999 Smart Some of these were from Red Mobile and Addict Mobile, TNT = Talk N Text (owned by Smart Communications), TM = Touch Mobile (owned by Globe Telecom)
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Globe Postpaid Data Charges/KB Browsing on Bill

Let me guess, you received your Globe Postpaid bill after a few days/weeks delay but as you looked at how much you're going to pay, you get the shock of your life when Globe's overcharging you by a few thousang pesos for mobile Internet even if you're not using it or you're using time-based charging instead of KB Browsing Charging

KB browsing charges cost PhP0.15/kByte of Internet use whether WAP, Edge, 3G or LTE

Globe time-based charging cost P5 per fifteen minutes

default setting for prepaid and postpaid is KB based and you need to switch to time-based charging by texting TIME to 1111

this problem on wrong KB Browsing charges is probably because of Globe's system upgrade last March 14, 2013 where smart ass IT may have screwed up even with Globe's million peso per month expats mostly foreigners can't prevent

There are many Filipinos capable of running Globe's systems and yet Ayala chose to trust foreigners

how to solve the overcharging? call Globe hotline at 730-1000 and ask to waive the charges. Tell them you know about the system upgrade last March and they'll reverse the charges for you

lastly, i wonder what other system bugs and errors will crop up. Globe IT people should be spanked for implementing half-baked, half-tested system!
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What's the Name of Cherry Mobile Mascot?

was wondering what's the name of Cherry Mobile's new mascot making the rounds in the Internet. Cherry Mobile is the maker of my alternate phone, the cherry mobile flare. 

 If you can guess the name of the mascot, please leave a comment so I can join the cherry mobile contest :P 

Cherry Mobile Mascot name is: _________________________________________


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Prudential Guarantee: List of Accredited Repair Shops for Insurance Claims

I've yet to file a car insurance claim for Scarlett, insured with Prudential Guarantee, through Chinabank Brokers, but I need a list of alternative repair shops where I can have it repaired (just in case) or for body works, repaint, scratches et al

here's a list of alternative repair shops accredited by Prundential Guarantee if you find scheduling through a casa dealer plus the wait time too long and much hassle

Should the client bring the insured unit to any of the accredited shops of Prudential Guarantee listed below, the said shops will take the responsibility of assisting the client with regards to the documents and the repair of the vehicle.

201 E. delos Santos Avenue, Quezon City (across the EDSA gate of Corinthian Gardens)
Tel. No.: 727 0381
Contact: Carrie Maliwanag

B. Warranty Auto Shop
7764-C St. Paul Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City
Tel. No.: 897 7434 / 31
Contact: Amy Vidad

C. Carhaus Auto Works
49 Sgt. Rivera Street, C-3 Balintawak, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 365 9818
Contact: Abe Larin

D. Nissan North Edsa
1174 E. delos Santos Avenue, Balintawak Quezon City
Tel. No.: 330 5333
Contact: Boyet Bautista


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Toyota Mastercard: Discounts at Toyota/Petron but Metrobank Direct Online is...

I have the Toyota Mastercard credit card that gives me 10% discounts on labor and certain parts from Toyota dealers for Scarlett, my 2011 Toyota Innova E A/T.

I also have 3% rebate from my gas ups at Petron gas station

what's the problem with Metrobank Credit Card?

I pay by credit card bill using Chinabank Online

But when I log on to Metrobank Direct, all my recent purchases and payments do not reflect there until the next monthly cycle, the information is not real time nor posted the day after (for online payments like Chinabank Online or BancNet Online, it's about 3 days due to bank processing)

Metrobank Direct does not display updated information is really hard to track your purchases and payments, much more detect if any fraudulent use of my credit card just in case.

I think I'm going to terminate my Toyota Mastercard Metrobank card should this be the case a few months from now

I'm just going to maintain my BPI Mastercard and Citibank VISA for now who both offer better online banking experience at the moment


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Worldwide Whos Who Scam/Fraud Alert

I got this email recently a countless of times from Worldwide Whos Who with email address congratulating me for being chosen as a potential candidate for 2013 Worldwide Whos Who. 

The email message reads: 

 "Congratulations Ben , You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent 2013 Worldwide Who's Who. We are pleased to inform you that your candidacy was formally approved April 2nd. Congratulations. The Publishing Committee selects potential candidates based not only upon their current standing, but focusing as well on criteria from executive and professional directories, associations, and trade journals. Given your background, the Director believes your profile makes a fitting addition to our publication. There is no fee nor obligation to be listed. As we are working off of secondary sources, we must receive verification from you that your profile is accurate. After receiving verification, we will validate your registry listing within seven business days. Once finalized, your listing will share prominent registry space with thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each representing accomplishments within their own geographical area. To verify your profile and accept the candidacy, please visit here. Our registration deadline for this year's candidates is April 30th. To ensure you are included, we must receive your verification on or before this date. On behalf of our Committee, I salute your achievement and look forward to welcoming you to our association. Privacy Policy Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved. Worldwide Who's Who 498 RXR Plaza Uniondale, NY 11556 Forward this emailIcon services, 26041 Forbe Rd, Laguna, CA, US, 92677. Click for immediate removal with SafeRemove." 

Scam Alert: 

First, Ben is not my name, you got my email address right where my first name and last name there but you still called me Ben. 

 Now, how can i become a candidate for your genuine, authentic and honorable Worldwide Whos Who contest list, whatever? Am I required to pay you a few thousand dollars to be included in the prestigious list? 

If yes, then there you are. No questions asked :P


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How to Replace Lost LTO Drivers License: Fee and Requirements

An officemate of mine lost her two mobile phones, bag, car key and wallet with PhP500.00 inside (quite an amount already knowing her), company ID, her ATM cards, credit cards and LTO drivers license.

Losing money and valuables is already a pain particularly the car key but it's also a pain just to call up credit card issuer banks and ATM cards for cancellation plus the replacement drivers license at the Land Transportation Office (LTO)

Here's the procedure how to apply for replacement drivers license at the LTO:

1. Prepare an affidavit of loss indicating the circumstances of the lost of the LTO drivers license including as much detail as your drivers license number (if available). Tip: include the details of other cards and items too as they may require an affidavit of loss too (an affidavit of loss costs as cheap as PhP50.00 if you prepared it and have it stamped to as high as PhP200.00 if you allow them to prepare everything for you)

2. Go to the nearest LTO office (in Makati there's an LTO office at MRT Ayala Station, there's another at Guadalupe). There's also LTO branches at Robinsons Galleria and SM City North EDSA (Northlink building)

3. Fill out the form, submit the requirements and pay the LTO drivers license replace fee of PhP475.00

4. Wait for your new drivers license. This whole process takes just about 15 minutes.

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